11 Best Teeth Whitening Products, According to Dentists 2024

Connie Queline

11 Best Teeth Whitening Products, According to Dentists 2024

The best teeth whitening products can be very effective when used correctly, according to the experts we spoke to. Just don’t expect an immediate transformation or miracle results. “In-office whitening is always the most effective and impactful,” says Dr. Hoang.

In-office treatments use professional-grade whitening gels with a higher percentage of an active bleaching ingredient. “The main difference between whitestrips and professional whitening is predictability,” says Dr. Hoang. Before and after photos provided by the manufacturer will often show results similar to what professional whitening treatments can deliver, she says, “but these are under ideal conditions” and may not be as impressive in real life.

The freshness of at-home teeth whitening kits will also impact their effectiveness, she adds. “The active ingredient for most bleaching products oxidizes, meaning it loses effectiveness quickly when not kept refrigerated,” Dr. Hoang explains. When you purchase whitestrips or a gel pen, there’s no way to be sure how long it’s been on shelves or whether temperature fluctuations during transit may have impacted it. This is why experts recommend being mindful of expiration dates on packaging. Don’t leave your whitening kit languishing in your medicine cabinet, instead for best results use it right away.

Remember that any teeth whitening, whether done by a professional or with an at-home whitening kit, is only temporary. “If you have habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, tea or red wine, or eating food with heavy sauces, your teeth whitening procedure won’t last long,” says Dr. Rubenshtein. “An over-the-counter at-home teeth whitening product with a bad diet and habits can last up to a week. If you stay away from those foods, drinks and habits, and also brush and floss two times a day, you can prolong the brightness of your teeth.”


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