6G Architecture Testing Underway As China Mobile Launches First Satellite Capable Of Transmitting Data At This Bandwidth

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6G Architecture Testing Underway As China Mobile Launches First Satellite Capable Of Transmitting Data At This Bandwidth

6G connectivity is far from commercialization, but that is not stopping nations from carrying out a series of tests to gain an edge against other competing regions. Samsung, for instance, has been conducting tests of a similar nature, but this standard is not expected to go mainstream until 2030. Similarly, China Mobile does not see a 6G launch anytime soon, but that has not stopped the carrier from performing its own benchmarks through a satellite launch.

China Mobile’s 6G satellite will be orbiting at a height of just 500 kilometers and will be intended to deliver high data transfer rates at a lower latency

There is no official name of the 6G satellite, but China Daily reports that it is the world’s first low-earth orbit test satellite to employ 6G connectivity. Before its inception, another satellite was launched by China Mobile, which supported the 5G standard. The latest one was developed thanks to the tag team of the carrier, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Innovation Academy for Microsatellites.

The satellite supports various autonomous features specifically designed to drive 6G. Both the software and hardware have reportedly been developed domestically, supporting in-orbit software reconstruction, flexible deployment of core network functions, and automated management. According to China Mobile, all of these features combined allow for an efficient and reliable in-orbit operation of the satellite core network.

The 6G test satellite operates at an orbit height of just 500 kilometers, and the reason for that is simple. At a lower height, these satellites can deliver optimized data transfer speeds and low latency, compared to other satellites that travel at 36,000 kilometers. This hardware can provide a steady ground for future integrated space and ground networks, addressing issues such as coverage reliability while also exploring the possibility of offering higher bandwidth satellite internet services globally.

China Mobile intends to conduct more in-orbit tests but has not provided a launch timeline for the 6G standard. As it stands, the successor to 5G is not slated to arrive before several years, but that does not mean that extensive testing cannot be carried out to prepare for the future.

News Source: China Daily

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