Afraid of Getting Scammed Over Texts? Android 15 is Going to Prevent That From Happening

Veloz Lamma

Afraid of Getting Scammed Over Texts? Android 15 is Going to Prevent That From Happening

Now that Google has started rolling out the Android 15 Developer Preview, we are going to start noticing a lot of features being discovered in the latest update. One of the features that has been unearthed just now is actually from the Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1, and based on the information found, it appears that the future version of Android might have some countermeasures in place to prevent scammers from getting access to sensitive information.

Android 15 could really double down on keeping users secured with even more focus on security

Mishaal Rahman discovered a feature while digging through the Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1, and he talks about how there is a new permission called RECEIVE_SENSITIVE_NOTIFICATIONS. The permission also has a protectionLevel of role|signature, and what this means is that it can only be granted to applications with a requisite role or to applications that the OEM signs. Another thing to note here is that the exact role that grants this permission is still not defined. Rahman also claims that from the looks of it, Google might not let third-party apps use this permission.

Rahman also believes that this permission could be tied to a feature that will redact sensitive information from untrusted apps that implement a NotificationListenerService. He further claims that this is an API that is responsible for letting apps read or take actions on all the notifications. Users will have to manually grant app permissions in Settings before the NotificationListenerService API is available. He also shared a screenshot about how it looks, and you can have a look at it below

Rahman notes that the API itself is really powerful–so much so that it makes sense as to why Google would want to limit it. At this point, the actual scope of this permission and how Google is going to implement this with Android 15 is still not known. However, I really, really hope that with the new update, this actually becomes commonplace and people who are afraid of getting scammed, especially when they receive OPT messages, because, let’s be honest, scammers and hackers are everywhere,e and are often just waiting for us to make one wrong move and if that ever happens, things get messy real fast.

We will keep you posted should this feature start showing up on future Android versions, but for now, just know that it is most likely going to come out in Android 15 at some point in the future.

News Source: Android Authority

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