Apple Cancels Next-Gen MicroLED Apple Watch Ultra As The Display Cost Is Too High Compared To The Added Value

Veloz Lamma

Apple Cancels Next-Gen MicroLED Apple Watch Ultra As The Display Cost Is Too High Compared To The Added Value

Apple was planning to switch to its custom microLED display technology with the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra. However, it appears that the company has scrapped its plans to offer a microLED panel altogether. It was recently reported that the future Apple Watch Ultra has faced a major setback from suppliers. A prominent analyst now claims that the company has canceled its plans to launch a microLED Apple Watch Ultra due to the higher-than-expected cost of the panels and the value it brings to the table.

Apple cancels microLED Apple Watch Ultra as the higher cost would not have been “economically viable”

MacRumors report that Counterpoint Research’s Display Supply Chain Consultants stated that Apple’s microLED Apple Watch Ultra project has been “unexpectedly canceled“. There is no word if the company plans to reinitiate the project in the near future. It was noted by industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple has canceled the project due to various reasons.

We have previously reported that it is fairly difficult to manufacture a microLED display compared to OLED or LCD. While there is no information available on the yield, the microLED display also took a toll on Apple’s research. The analyst highlights that Apple’s reason for ditching the microLED display in the Apple Watch could be higher costs. Additionally, the higher cost does not make the project “economically viable.”

The company was expected to launch the Apple Watch with the new display technology in 2027. Possibly, the company would have increased the price of the wearable, but it would not have justified the addition. This is because the Apple Watch is a watch, after all, and with the price jump, the wearable would not have been a wise choice for the end user. Kuo states:

“My latest survey indicates that Apple has canceled the Micro LED Apple Watch projects because Apple thinks that Micro LED can’t add significant value to this product, and the production costs are too high to make it economically viable,”

Apple was exclusively working with ams OSRAM for the LED chips for the Apple Watch, and the company has no plans to resume development soon. The microLED Apple Watch Ultra was speculated to be the first product to transition from OLED to microLED displays. The company was also expected to bring the technology to additional products such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It remains to be seen if the company will offer the new display technology on products other than the Apple Watch. Do you think Apple made the right move canceling the microLED Apple Watch Ultra? Let us know in the comments.

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