Apple Vision Pro Front Glass Appears To Be Cracking Without Being Dropped Or Moved, As Reported By Multiple Owners

Veloz Lamma

Apple Vision Pro Front Glass Appears To Be Cracking Without Being Dropped Or Moved, As Reported By Multiple Owners

The Apple Vision Pro is a sturdy piece of glass and aluminum, but at the front, a previous scratch test revealed that the company used plastic, so getting permanent marks on it would take little effort. However, multiple owners are reporting that the front side of their AR headset are showing a crack while the device is just being stored and doing nothing else. This kind of occurrence would make anyone livid who has to fork $3,499 for a head-mounted wearable, and that too, for the measly base storage of 256GB.

Precise manufacturing of the Apple Vision Pro could mean that the front glass has little tolerance, causing it to crack

An image posted by u/dornbirn on Reddit shows that the center of the Apple Vision Pro front side has a crack, with the owner stating that the headset was not dropped but was simply packed away with the cover on. The user discovered the mark in the morning and stated that the Apple Vision Pro did not shuffle in the case or make any movement. The owner has also shared his thoughts on why this might have happened; it could be related to the ‘consistent manufacturing issue’ with the glass, creating enough pressure above the nose to crack eventually.

“What happened – last night I polished the front of the headset, packed it away with the cover on, and when I woke up this morning, i see this crack. No drop, no shuffling in the case.

There seems to be a consistent manufacturing issue with the glass – my ignorant guess is the unique form creates some tension above the nose that eventually cracks, even without any outside force.

I have apple care and expect a free replacement when I head in to the genius bar, but for those of you who understandably didn’t spring for the 500$ coverage, this would suck. I hope it’s more rare than i’m making it out to be, but if not, apple better cover this under factory warranty and not consider it accidental damage that would require a hefty repair fee.”

Similarly, u/ContributionFar8997 also put out a post saying that the Apple Vision Pro was left charging, and when the owner went to retrieve it, a visible crack was present at the front. It is unlikely that topping up the expensive contraption’s battery would result in the forming of that crack, so we believe that it is a manufacturing-related problem that needs to be addressed. Apple Support reportedly informed the wearers that it would cost $300 under AppleCare to issue a repair, and without any AppleCare, it would cost a whopping $800, which is the price for a base iPhone 15.

Typically, the cracking of the front glass of the Apple Vision Pro would not garner much attention since the majority of people would pin the blame on the owner. However, it is important here to note that the front glass is showing a crack in almost the same position as the other incident, suggesting that it is a pattern and may affect other users. Only time will tell if this actually happens, after which it will be up to Apple to decide on how to cater to its customers.

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