Best Blue Characters in Movies

Connie Queline

Best Blue Characters in Movies

Things are getting cool in here with our picks for the very best blue characters from across movie history, from the Muppets to Watchmen.

It’s hard to explain exactly what inspired this list. Maybe we just wanted to rave some more about Pixar. Maybe watching Avatar again and the new sequel Avatar: The Way of Water boggled our minds. Whatever it was, it’s done, and we can’t take it back (the delete key is broken). It is kind of strange that there are so many blue movie characters. If we wanted to do, say, Best Red Characters in Movies, it would just be five pictures of Hellboy and five pictures of Darth Maul. (This is not below my work ethic, by the way, so don’t act surprised when it happens.) Travel below to see our picks for the very best blue characters in movie history!

Best Blue Characters in Movies

Diva Plavalaguna – THE FIFTH ELEMENT

We usually don’t like to highlight characters that strictly sing their dialogue but there’s something about this Diva. The fact that we can’t understand anything she says helps matters. As does the way her head looks like a limp leg and how you can pump gas from her temples. We have no idea why these things work in her favor, they just do.

Best Blue Characters in Movies


You know what our first wish would be if we rubbed this big bitch out of a bottle? 8 billion more wishes. Why does nobody ever think of this? our second wish would be that Robin Williams was still alive. Love that guy. The third… well… we can’t print that here. UPDATE: Seems we were foiled by a “No Wishes for More Wishes” rule. Okay, change the first wish to “I wish there was no rule against wishing for more wishes.” Eat it, Genie.

Best Blue Characters in Movies

Gonzo the Great – THE MUPPET MOVIES

Exactly what is Gonzo? We get the frog, the pig, the bear, etc.., but what the hell is Gonzo? It’s his mystery that intrigues us. Here’s what we know – he likes to bang chickens. That’s it. UPDATE: So he’s an alien? That sucks, we liked him way more when he was a “whatever”. He just moved down a couple spots (NOTE: I’m too lazy to actually move him down a couple spots).


Love this film or not, Dory truly does have some of the funniest moments in Pixar history in Finding Nemo. It’s no surprise she became the central character in the follow-up, Finding Dory.

Best Blue Characters in Movies


The teenage son of those blue folks Jake Sully and Neytiri, Lo’ak te Suli Tsyeyk’itan (that’s why we just call him Lo’ak) made his screen debut in Avatar: The Way of Water – and turned out to be such an interesting character that he’s going to replace his dad as the narrator on Avatar 3. That’s why we have kids, right? So they can handle the chores we don’t want to do anymore.

Best Blue Characters in Movies

James P. “Sully” Sullivan – MONSTERS, INC.

We sometimes wish John Goodman was Sully in real life. How awesome would it have been to see the big blue bastard stomping around on an episode of Treme, voicing his displeasure in regards to the political propaganda involved with hurricane Katrina? Real awesome, that’s how awesome.

Best Blue Characters

Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler – X2

It can easily be argued that the opening sequence in X2 is the single greatest scene in the history of comic book movies. And Nightcrawler owns that shit. 

Best Blue Characters in Movies

Abe Sapien – HELLBOY

It’s hard to be taken seriously as an underwater hero in modern day fantasy. You’re always being looked down upon as either a wimp (Aquaman), a gigantic douche (The Sub-Mariner), or a hottie whose hair should be shorter so we can see your boobies (any mermaid ever). Abe not only looks badass, he’s got brains and skill to back it up. And he looks tasty on a plate with some chips.

Best Blue Characters in Movies

Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan – WATCHMEN

Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen) in one epic motherf*cker. Dude can end wars with the pass of a hand, jump over to Mars when he’s bored to build high-end tourist retreats in seconds, and work on futuristic machinery while banging his girlfriend with multiple versions of his own penis. Why isn’t he number one? He got dumped for a dude dressed as an owl, won’t kill everyone we want him to, and is in desperate need of pants. Seriously though, we don’t know, we just like Mystique better…

Best Blue Characters in Movies

Raven Darkholme/Mystique – X-MEN

The thing we love about Mystique (X-Men, X-Men United) is the fact that she chooses to be blue. She could walk around in Rebecca Romijn supermodel form and actually be even more dangerous than she is now, but refuses to conform to society’s norm. It’s that kind of dedication we like to see in the #1 spot. 

Blue Beetle, opening clip

Xolo Maridueña as Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle:

While it was far from a smash, more people have been discovering the charm of Angel Manuel Soto’s Blue Beetle since it hit MAX and VOD following it’s summer release. As far as superheroes go, it’s nice to get some blue representation out there, with him arguably being the first Blue superhero since Nightcrawler (would we count Mystique as a hero?).

Did your favorite blue characters make the list?


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