Biden and Trump make duelling visits to US-Mexico border

Connie Queline

Biden and Trump make duelling visits to US-Mexico border

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Hello and welcome to our live coverage as both President Joe Biden and Donald Trump prepare to head to the US-Mexico borders for two separate – and competing – trips.

Biden will be in the border town of Brownsville, Texas, to meet border officials and local leaders – and he’ll also be pushing the immigration bill, which collapsed earlier this month after not getting enough support.

At the same time, Trump will be about 526km (327 miles) up the border in the town of Eagle Pass with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has endorsed him as the Republican candidate..

Immigration is considered as one of the hot topics in this year’s election.

Record numbers of migrants have crossed the border under Biden. Both Trump and Biden have blamed each other – Biden says Republicans have weaponised the issue and won’t back his reforms, while Trump says Biden’s policies have caused the crisis.

We’ve got reporters on the ground in Texas, as well as in the northern cities of Chicago and New York which are also being affected. We’ll dig into the issue and cover the visits – so stick with us for updates.


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