Chip Information For 16 Apple Products Revealed, Including The Unexpected Possibility of the iPad Pro Featuring an M4 Chip

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Chip Information For 16 Apple Products Revealed, Including The Unexpected Possibility of the iPad Pro Featuring an M4 Chip

Apple is planning to release a wide range of products this year as it aims to refresh its devices with the latest chips. We are expecting the company to refresh its entire iPad lineup later this year, including the iPad mini and the iPad Air. According to the latest reports, details related to 16 Apple chips that could be part of the company’s upgrade cycle have surfaced online. Check out how Apple could distribute the chips in its entire product lineup and the possibility of the forthcoming iPad Pro featuring an M4 chip.

The latest information shares details on 16 chips for future Apple products, including the M4 chip for iPad Pro

The information related to Apple chips was shared by a private account on X today. It can be seen that the list holds a diversified set of chips, including older and newer versions. According to MacRumors, the list includes eight devices with an A14 Bionic chip, an A17 Pro, and an M2 chip. The A14 Bionic chips could be used in a modified version of the iPad 10 for the cellular and Wi-Fi variants, as the model number is not associated with the iPad 11. However, the A14 Bionic chip could also be used in future versions of the HomePod with a display, which has been widely rumored for a while.

Apart from the entry-level iPad, the A17 or A17 Pro chip could be coming with the launch of the iPad mini 7 for both cellular and Wi-Fi models. This also gives us a hint that the company could offer the iPad mini 7 with a major upgrade, as the device was previously speculated to house an A16 Bionic chip. Lastly, we have previously noted that Apple will release two models of the iPad Air 6 in 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch screen sizes. Both models are expected to feature the M2 chip, and the latest chip details could reflect the Wi-Fi and Cellular models.

The new HomePod could feature Apple’s 14 Bionic, as the iPad 10 is expected to launch with an upgraded chip. Apple is unlikely to offer the same chip with the launch of the iPad 11, and we are expecting the company to upgrade the device to the A15 Bionic. The iPad mini 6 currently comes with an A15 Bionic chip, and the company could upgrade the device with an A16 Bionic or the A17 Bionic if it does not see fit to use the ‘Pro’ version of the chip.

However, the interesting part regarding Apple’s chip details is that it includes eight identifiers for two chips that are not released. The identifiers could be pointing to Apple’s forthcoming chips for the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro models, along with the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models with OLED displays. We are looking at the A18 chips for the iPhone 16 lineup and a new chip that could be oriented toward the OLED iPad Pro models.

Since the identifiers of the M3 chip are known, the latest details could point to a future chip. The publication notes that the sequence of the identifiers suggests “an unexpected possibility” that the OLED iPad Pro models could house the M4 chip. If the news has any heft, it would be a peculiar move from Apple, as the company announced the M3 chip variants a few months ago.

Apple is expected to announce the OLED iPad Pro models next month with a boatload of front-facing additions. We are expecting the device to feature an M3 chip alongside a redesigned chassis. Since the final word rests with Apple, be sure to take the news with a grain of salt.

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