CoD: Modern Warfare III/Warzone Season 2 Adds Fortune’s Keep, Walking Dead Stuff, and More

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CoD: Modern Warfare III/Warzone Season 2 Adds Fortune’s Keep, Walking Dead Stuff, and More

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 2 is set to drop next week and it sounds like a pretty meaty update. The core CoD: Modern Warfare III multiplayer experience is getting a bunch of all-new maps, Warzone is bringing back the Fortune’s Keep Resurgence map with a bunch of updates, and more crossover content is on the way, including additional Dune-themed stuff and The Walking Dead Operators Rick Grimes and Michonne. Check out the launch trailer for CoD: Modern Warfare III/Warzone Season 2, below.

CoD: Modern Warfare III Multiplayer Overview

New Mutliplayer maps.

Departures (Launch)

  • Brand-new, Core, 6v6, medium–large sized
  • “Explore the Departures area of the Zakhaev International Airport, a clean and competitive 6v6 map with areas for all ranges of combat. The map is larger than Terminal, so expect the action to be both rapid and tactical, with Operators accessing a central main lobby comprising a west-side ground-level exterior entrance, main luggage check-in and thoroughfare, and an upper mezzanine walkway and security zone along the map’s eastern side. Set up impressive sightlines of varying heights and distances, maneuver across the numerous cover points, or face down foes in close-quarter combat within the Restaurant, Cosmetics Store, or Burger Town.”

Stash House (Launch)

  • Brand-new, Core, 6v6, small-sized
  • “Looking for a compact map that redefines the word “chaotic”? Then follow the Federal authorities into a recently raided Bay Area stash house! Climb over (or dive behind) pallets of cash hidden in the garage. Pause only to admire the xeriscape front garden, before infiltrating a suburban ranch home filled with glass windows and more cash scattered about the various rooms. Explore an open-plan living room, den and kitchen, and an outside bar area, hot tub, an additional dwelling in the backyard, and a central Atrium chokepoint where combat is concentrated. Expect an extremely tight, Shipment-sized map that’s perfect for grinding XP, as well as fast and constant gunfights.”

Vista (Launch)

  • Brand-new, Core, 6v6, medium-sized
  • “Welcome to a Brazilian mountaintop resort with gift shops, restaurants, and trams. Aside from the impressive views, expect a more classic feel to this Shoot House-sized, three-lane map with tight interiors and long-range exteriors. Start at the Funicular (a large gondola) or at the Plaza on the opposite side of the map. Explore an exclusive promenade of shops, a raised Central Walkway and glass-walled restaurant, a sunken northern flank with lush jungle foliage, a Gallery, and an upper bar area. Curve around the southern flank with differing heights, decks, and a small Burger Town to drop foes from.”

Das Haus (Mid-Season)

  • New (remastered), Core, 6v6, small-sized
  • “Navigate an under-construction skyscraper in the vicinity of Highrise as the seminal, small-sized Call of Duty: Vanguard map returns with an all-new look. Whether you’re here to cause chaos or just for the XP, expect a much brighter, airier feel to this remastered iteration, as well as a lack of destructible cover for even quicker action. Craving constant combat? Expect it as you navigate the tight central hallway (watching for longshots) or scramble through openings along either of the outer flank routes. New compass names, easily distinguishable blue and orange spawn points, and a penthouse environment lifts “the house” to new heights.”

Other CoD: Modern Warfare III Mutliplayer Additions

  • Two map variants: Ready up for Hordepoint and the Vortex Mid-Season Playlist, explore two otherworldly themed map variants based on Skidrow and Terminal.
  • New War map: Assault a downtown Urzikstan skyscraper from the skies. Welcome to Operation Tin Man.
  • Five game modes and a Vortex Playlist: Bring home a win in Team Gun Game; quickscope your way to victory in Snipers Only; enjoy the return of Hordepoint and Bounty; and battle rival Juggernauts in the Juggermosh pit!
  • Season 2 Ranked Play: Claim the Ranked Play rewards you unlocked in Season 1, then continue the grind with a full season and all-new rewards to earn.
  • New Ninja Vest: Favoring those knives only? Equip the Ninja Vest for silent running, as well as a bonus knife and throwing star ammo.

CoD: Modern Warfare III Zombies Overview

  • The Dark Aether Story Act Continues: Operation Deadbolt Strike Teams are tasked to confront a new anomaly in the Exclusion Zone.
  • Enter the Second Rift: Face down the largest infested Stronghold you’ve encountered as you enter a new and terrifying Rift.
  • New Challenges and Schematics: Unlock Prestige levels to acquire Zombies challenges and gather three new Schematics to aid your progress.
  • Warlord Keres: An elusive chemical warfare specialist, Keres has set up some impressive defenses at the Killhouse in the Orlov Military Base. Prepare effectively before attempting to take her out.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Overview

  • Resurgence Refocused: A new area of operations has opened: Fortune’s Keep. Now that the remains of a massive explosion have torn the island apart, it’s up to you to sweep for threats, both human and undead!
  • Welcome Back to Fortune’s Keep: How has the island changed? We detail each of the 11 initial Points of Interest and the considerable changes contained within.
  • New Gameplay Features: A wealth of new gameplay features are coming to Fortunes Keep, including a limited-time Contract to eradicate Zombie Nests, Zombies power-ups, Extendable Bridges, and a new score Tracker detailing your Squad Wipe Streaks.
  • Call of Duty: Warzone Ranked Resurgence: Ranked Play arrives in Fortune’s Keep, with the same fundamentals, and uses the Resurgence rules for the first time. Expect a stack of impressive rewards for your grind, and BR Ranked Play to come later in the year.

CoD: Modern Warfare III/Warzone Shared Content Overview

  • Weapons Detail: Season 2 continues the weapons drop with four new Base Weapons to utilize: the BP50 AR, RAM-9 SMG, SOA Subverter BR, and Soulrender melee sword.
  • Getting Attached: Seven Aftermarket Parts are yours to unlock, including the JAK Limb Ripper underbarrel chainsaw, perfect for sinking into zombie flesh!
  • Become the Undead Elite with BlackCell: Purchase and obtain exclusive access to a special cadre of undead Operator Skins, led by the skeletal John Doe: All are resplendent in dripping gold with a glowing ethereal purple hue!
  • Rick Grimes and Kate Laswell Headline the Season 2 Battle Pass: Purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass and instantly unlock Rick Grimes from AMC’s The Walking Dead’s, as well as Station Chief Kate Laswell.
  • New Store Offerings: Play as Michonne from AMC’s The Walking Dead, “Let ’em Cook” with a new CDL Pack and celebrate Black History Month on February 8 with a free gift pack featuring cultural inspirations designed by our team.
  • New Challenges, Events, and Progression: Learn all about the Weekly Challenges and Season 2 Events, starting with exclusive undead rewards as the Horde Hunt gets underway, and check out the Prestige rewards as you grind your way to Level 450.
  • Other upcoming Store offerings include the Tracer Pack: Resonance Ultra Skin; Aberration Ultra Skin; Tracer Pack — Full Kit: Dragon Soul: Lunar New Year; the Zombies: Aether Worm Pack, the Tracer Pack: Dune Part Two: Harkonnen Pack, and more!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone can be played PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5. Season 2 kicks off on February 7.

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