Crucial’s P3 Plus PCIe NVMe Gen 4 SSD With 4TB Storage Returns To Its Low Price Of 9.99

Veloz Lamma

Crucial’s P3 Plus PCIe NVMe Gen 4 SSD With 4TB Storage Returns To Its Low Price Of $209.99

The 4TB version of the Crucial P3 Plus was hovering at $239.99 on Amazon, which was not the right price point for a PCIe Gen 4 SSD, but thankfully, the M.2 solid state drive is back down to $209.99, saving a small chunk of change for brand new system builders, or those that want to increase their storage and access files faster. At this stage, having 2TB of storage is the absolute minimum that we will ever recommend to anyone because games, programs, and updates can quickly gobble up that storage like there is no tomorrow. Having a 4TB option undoubtedly makes life a whole lot simpler.

However, it should be noted that high-performance 4TB drives are not exactly going for pennies, but thankfully, the Crucial P3 Plus almost always comes down to an affordable range, providing an opportunity to save a few bucks in the process. For those who do not know, the P3 Plus is compatible with your PS5, and since it supports the PCIe NVMe Gen 4 standard, it can reach sequential read speeds of 5,000MB/s and sequential write speeds of 4,200MB/s. Sure, it might not be as fast as those other PCIe Gen 4 SSDs that flaunt a 7,000MB/s or higher throughput, but it runs miles around the older PCIe Gen 3 protocol.

Given that modern-day laptops and desktops ship with an empty M.2 slot, it should be a no-brainer on which solid state drive should be your next purchase. Crucial is also offering a 5-year limited warranty on the P3 Plus, but we always recommend backing up your data to be on the safe side. Keep in mind that this is not the lowest price point of the P3 Plus, and there are occasions where the price has dropped to $199.99. However, bear in mind that with NAND flash prices slowly increasing, there may come a time when you might not come across the P3 Plus available for $239.99 on a good day, so we highly recommend making the most of this opportunity.

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