Cybersecurity experts say rules are needed to regulate digital freedom


Cybersecurity experts say rules are needed to regulate digital freedom

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Some cybersecurity experts mentioned, during the debates, the need for rules regulating freedom in the digital space Internet freedom, technology and human rights which was held at @america Jakarta, Wednesday.

Beau Woods, a US cybersecurity expert and founder of Stratigos Security, said his country’s laws encourage freedom of speech and expression, including in the digital space.

However, according to him, attention must be paid to freedom of expression in cyberspace such as social media, the use of artificial intelligence, so that it does not endanger the safety of users.

“So we have to be very careful and aware of the choices we make so that total openness in expression is a choice, just as any restriction is also a choice,” Woods said.

Similarly, Telkom Indonesia’s head of education ecosystem Sri Safitri said that even though there is freedom of opinion on the Internet, you still need to be careful when uploading something.

According to him, although the Internet provides a lot of information, it also poses several threats such as Internet abuse, digital inequality and others.

So, without adequate protection, this freedom is a luxury for the abuser.

Safitri said the adoption of regulations is necessary to ensure that people enjoy human rights, as well as freedom online.

“Use it wisely. Even if there is the premise that the Internet should ensure online freedom, if there is currently no recognition and ethical guidelines, then we must prepare for this first,” he said.

On the same occasion, the founder of PIKAT (Center for Artificial Intelligence and Technological Innovation) Democracy, Damar Juniarto, said that humans and technology that support Internet freedom must also be regulated.

Otherwise, humans will not have the freedom of the Internet.

Damar said that in Southeast Asia, freedom of expression is not the same as in Western countries.

“But in Southeast Asia there are many countries that control their citizens. Many countries limit freedom and also try to control the press,” he said.

Ideally, Damar said, if you want Internet freedom, it means there must be efforts by the community to encourage the government, ensure that regulations protect the community and let the public know that this is important.

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Reporter: Devi Nindy Sari Ramadhan
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