Cypherpunks Takes Privacy to New Levels With XMessenger

Rexa Vella

Cypherpunks Takes Privacy to New Levels With XMessenger

CruxDecussata, a blockchain project built by Cypherpunks and which goes by the ticker of $X (CRUX), recently announced the launch of their communication app XMessenger. It takes privacy to a new level through features including non-KYC login, encrypted messaging and untraceable cryptocurrency transfers. Collectively, users can engage in secure, confidential communication and financial transactions.  

By integrating non-KYC login, encrypted messaging and untraceable cryptocurrency transfers, XMessenger champions the right to privacy in the digital realm and provides a haven for individuals who prioritize confidentiality and anonymity in their online interactions.  

These features provide users with a comprehensive suite of tools to navigate the digital landscape discreetly, solidifying XMessenger’s status as a premier platform for those valuing privacy and anonymity in their cryptocurrency interactions.  

“The world is waking up to see the dire need for privacy and CruxDecussata empowers users by solving that pain point with XMessenger,” says Herbert Sim, lead investor of CruxDecussata and founder of venture capital fund Bitcoin Man. “Imagine being able to chat privately with friends regardless of the chain and being able to send untraceable payments from within one app — with payment infrastructures built within.” 

Sim has been a notable crypto influencer for over a decade. He got his start in the crypto scene as an activist in the Cypherpunk movement, and was among the world’s first few promoting the “Cypherpunk Manifesto.” The “Cypherpunk Manifesto” was written in 1993, championing privacy and decentralization. And 15 years later, the “Bitcoin Whitepaper” was written. 

The founder of CruxDecussata is an anonymous persona, known only as “The Dev” or “CP33,” who bought the single symbol domain URL of ☓.com by the unicode/punycode of from Sim on July 11, 2023, and launched the project on August 1, 2023. The symbol of ☓ is Saint Andrew’s cross, also known as Crux Decussata, a heraldic symbol in the form of a diagonal cross, like the shape of the letter X in Roman type. 

“The Dev” stealthily launched the CruxDecussata project with the domain of xn--33h dot com redirected to its main site. On August 4, 2023, “The Dev” said that 66.6% of the sale proceeds will go to the stakeholders of the project.  

XMessenger rewards users for holding the $X token, which gives them access to additional functions as well as a share in the revenue generated by the platform. The platform charges a 0.5 to 1% fee (depending on service) on every $X transaction and distributes on a monthly basis as follows: 30% buyback and burn of $X tokens; 60% revenue share; 10% for operations.


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