Dead Island 2 Has Been Shadow-Dropped on Xbox Game Pass

Veloz Lamma

Dead Island 2 Has Been Shadow-Dropped on Xbox Game Pass

Dead Island 2 has been shadow-dropped on Xbox Game Pass, and is available for download as we speak.

Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed the arrival of various new titles on its subscription service. Among those games were Tales of Arise as well as the magnificent Resident Evil 3 Remake, NFL24, and various others. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and we now have another splendid game being added to Game Pass – 2023’s Dead Island 2.

The game suddenly showed up as “recently added” without any official announcement from Microsoft or publisher Plaion/Deep Silver. Dead Island 2 is a great addition to Game Pass and a game that could really benefit from being available on the subscription service. Back in May of last year, it was reported that the sequel had sold over 2 million copies worldwide across all platforms.

Dead Island 2 is available worldwide now for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and Xbox One. Here’s what we wrote about the sequel to 2011’s Dead Island in our review:

“From a technical standpoint, Dead Island 2 is mostly as accomplished as it is in its gameplay. The unique contrast between daylight action and hordes of zombies of the original is brought to new heights by the game’s solid visuals, great draw distance, which makes the game’s world feel bigger than it actually is, and attention to detail. Character models are not only extremely detailed with decent enough animations, but they are also pleasantly varied, as there are tons of appearance options for zombies, so many that it is honestly difficult to encounter the same zombie twice. This may be something minor, but it actually shows how much effort Dambuster Studio put into making the undead horde feel like a realistic horde and not just groups of the same zombies over and over. Some physics bugs do break immersion, such as zombies and items flying away for no reason, but they are not as annoying as they might have been in any other game, as they seem to be right at home in the craziness that permeates the whole experience.”

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