Energizer’s Hard Case P28K Is Pretty Much a Smartphone With A Powerbank, As It Sports A 28,000mAh Battery That Can Last For More Than 3 Months

Veloz Lamma

Energizer’s Hard Case P28K Is Pretty Much a Smartphone With A Powerbank, As It Sports A 28,000mAh Battery That Can Last For More Than 3 Months

Avenir Telecom had licensed the Energizer brand to previously unveiled the Max P18K Pop, a smartphone sporting an 18,000mAh battery. Though most of us forgot about its existence, the French telecommunications company has re-appeared with the Energizer Hard Case P28K, which sports an even bigger 28,000mAh cell and is designed to have a standby endurance of more than three months. Unfortunately, a battery of this size will result in the most obvious of setbacks; the overall thickness and the other specifications of the smartphone do not scream ‘flagship level’ either.

The Energizer Hard Case P28K is available at a relatively affordable price as the handset does not use high-end hardware

In addition to packing the 28,000mAh battery, the Energizer Hard Case P28K is also IP69-certified, meaning that it is designed not just to keep dust and water at bay but also to be used in extreme temperatures. According to the battery life details, the massive powerbank-like capacity is designed to have a talk time of 122 hours, or a little over five days, with standby time allowing the device to last for 2,252 hours, which is equal to almost 94 days, or more than 3 months.

As you would have guessed, using a 28,000mAh battery will result in the extreme bulking of the Hard Case 28K, and it is 27.8mm thick, with 570g in weight, but if you are looking to have a smartphone in possession that will last you for days because you do not want to make the effort of plugging it in, this model will suit your requirements. Also, if you think the 28,000mAh cell will take ages to top up, Avenir Telecom states the opposite, as the Hard Case 28K can be fast-charged at up to 33W.

The company has mentioned that the battery can reach 100 percent of its capacity in under 90 minutes using the 36W power brick. The price is also considerably affordable at €249.99 (approximately $271) when it goes on sale in October this year. However, at a sub-$300 price, there are more than a few compromises that you must face if you intend to use this as your daily driver. For instance, the lack of 5G support will likely be a deal-breaker for the majority of potential buyers, and if that is not the case, then the disappointing specifications will probably make you look elsewhere.

The exact chipset’s model name is not mentioned, only the designated number, which is  MT6789, hinting that the SoC belongs to MediaTek. There is also 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage, though it is not mentioned if the onboard memory is the slower eMMC standard or the faster UFS one. At the back, you get three cameras, with everything being displayed on a 6.78-inch 1080p IPS LCD that most likely lacks a high refresh rate option. Customers in the U.S. have no easy way of getting the Energizer Hard Case 28K, as it will only be available for European consumers, though you can still try your luck and import it, at your own risk, obviously.

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