Everything Meghan Trainor Has Divulged About Her Sex Life With Husband Daryl Sabara

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Everything Meghan Trainor Has Divulged About Her Sex Life With Husband Daryl Sabara

At the time of the interview, Trainor was pregnant with her first child, Riley. As a first-time mom, her hesitation was understandable, but, as she noted, having sex during pregnancy actually feels great for some people. 

October 2021: Trainor revealed a design choice she and Sabara made when renovating their home that is…intimate. “Nobody knows this, but in our bathroom, there was one toilet, and a lot of time in the middle of the night when we’re with the baby we’ve got to pee at the same time. So I was like, ‘Can we please have two toilets next to each other?’” she told Nicole Byer on the Why Won’t You Date Me podcast. 

The reasoning almost makes sense, but the setup feels a little too close for comfort. If you’re wondering, they have pooped together. Twice. “We’ve only pooped together twice. We pee at the same time a lot,” she admitted. 

According to Architectural Digest, separate bedrooms for couples “often leads to improved moods and a strengthened connection.” If it works for bedrooms, why not toilets?

Trainor and Sabara’s unique experience seems to work for the couple. “The best part about my relationship is that Darryl—he cares so much about me, my well-being, my emotional state, my physical, everything,” she said. “And he just wants to do anything he can to make me better, and make my life easier.”

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April 19, 2023: Trainor opted to deliver her first child via C-section, but even so, she preened for the special occasion—with the help of her husband. 

Due to her baby bump, she couldn’t comfortably bend to shave her legs or her lady parts. Enter Sabara, who didn’t hesitate to lend her a helping hand. “He shaved everything,” she told People. “I don’t know why, but I was like, ‘I want a clear path. I want nothing in the way, so make sure it’s gorgeous down there,’ so they could see everything. And he did that for me.” 


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