Expend4bles leads in nominations at this year’s Razzie Awards

Connie Queline

Expend4bles leads in nominations at this year’s Razzie Awards

Expend4bles underwhelmed many in every sense, but it has gained recognition at the famous trolling event, the Razzie Awards

It seemed like The Expendables franchise would jump the shark with its third film. That entry would bring in such names like Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas, Kelsey Grammer and Wesley Snipes; however, it would betray its concept by pushing them aside for new blood who had little connection to the 80s/90s action genre that it was celebrating. Even with its fanbase, the third movie was not well-received, so it was perplexing what the intention was with a fourth film. And one that had the audacity to push Sylvester Stallone himself aside. The fourth movie came and went with a whimper, but the film has managed to secure a bevy of nominations…for the Razzie Awards.

Expendables 4, or Expend4bles if you will, garnered a whopping seven nominations at this year’s Razzies. The Hollywood Reporter has been courteous enough to reveal the list of nominations at this year’s festivities along with some tongue-in-cheek descriptions of the films. Expend4bles will be competing with four other films for “Worst Picture.”

The list of Worst Picture nominees read,

— The Exorcist: Believer: “a 50-years-later remake/rip-off that was horrifying in unintended ways”

— Expend4bles: “another installment of a franchise that’s fading faster than Razzie “winner” Donald Trump’s mental acuity”

— Meg 2: The Trench: “a fishy tale about a snarky shark that flopped across all seven seas”

— Shazam! Fury of the Gods: “one of 2023’s several comic book movies failing to save the superhero genre”

— Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey: “a defamation (and defecation) on two of the most beloved Kiddie Lit characters, ‘re-imagining’ the huggable denizens of the Hundred Acre Wood as vicious, cannibal serial killers”

Nominees in the acting categories include such names as former Oscar winners Jon Voight, Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren, as well as Razzie “Repeat Offenders” Sylvester Stallone, Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez. Razzie organizers would speak of this year’s nominations, saying, “After strikes, lingerings of a worldwide plague and a general sense of universal agoraphobia, the decline of the cinematic experience goes without saying. Thankfully, a doll pic and a bomb movie jump-started the Industry, which still left behind a trail of Pooh for the Razzies to pick up!”

Meanwhile, Dolph Lundgren has hinted that Sylvester Stallone may be developing another Expendables in an effort to close out the show better. Lundgren told ScreenRant that he would return if Stallone was more involved this time around, “Yeah, if Sly’s in charge. I think he’s working on his version of another chapter with these guys. If he’s in charge, then yeah, I’m sure it would be fun to work on it.“


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