Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo Update Release Time Confirmed

Veloz Lamma

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo Update Release Time Confirmed

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo update is launching tomorrow, and Square Enix confirmed exactly when the update will go live.

On the Final Fantasy VII official X/Twitter profile, it was confirmed the update will be available from 9:00 PM Japan time. Given how the Japanese demo is identical to that available in North America and Europe, it is safe to assume the update will go live at the same time worldwide, so at 7:00 AM ET, 4:00 AM PT, and 1:00 PM CET.

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth playable demo update will introduce a new playable segment, giving players a small taste of open-world gameplay set in the Junon region, and improvements to the game’s Performance Mode, which leaves a lot to be desired in its current state, despite sporting a higher pixel count and better performance than Final Fantasy XVI. The improvements to Performance Mode will also be available in the game’s final release releasing in 9 days worldwide.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on PlayStation 5 worldwide on February 29th. You can learn more about the game and its brand new open-world mechanics by checking Kai’s preview.

In total, our hands-on time with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth allowed for about three hours of the introductory chapters, ending with Cloud and crew beating the Midgarsormr (no longer Zolom) and venturing into the Mithril Mines on the way to presumably Junon. In that period, we were reintroduced to Chadley and his combat simulator, tracked down and trained a chocobo to cross the swamp, and a couple of quick side quests to slay rare monsters and other odd jobs to raise the intel for that specific region of the world and unlock new materia in Chadley’s shop. Sadly, the Enemy Skill materia was obtained through this shop and I was advised that the only way to unlock new skills was by way of these combat challenges, so no having to cross your fingers and survive a cast of Beta to unlock it in your materia. On the flip side, the Sonic Boom enemy skill is unbalanced by giving Cloud a ranged wind attack that also casts Bravery and Faith for additional damage buffs.

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