Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director Would Love to Keep the Team Together Going Forward

Veloz Lamma

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director Would Love to Keep the Team Together Going Forward

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is just a few days away from its PlayStation 5 launch, but the rave critic reviews have already kicked up the hype even further. Our Kai Powell rated the game with a perfect score, and the average review score from critics is the highest for the whole series since 2000’s Final Fantasy IX.

Today, YouTube channel MinnMax has released a new interview with Game Director Naoki Hamaguchi, who highlighted the importance of keeping the same team and tools to maximize development speed and reach the intended goal of shipping within four years’ time.

We were able to work with the environment and the tools that we had developed and worked with from Remake. We were also able to have a very solid discussion going into creating Final Fantasy VII Rebirth where we were able to reflect on our understanding and experiences and really hone in on areas that were previously sort of bottlenecks that we could solve as a priority. In that way, I think we were really able to maximize the speed of development and really come together as a team in that way. In that sense, having that kind of carried over knowledge and experience from working together as a team from Remake into Rebirth was extremely beneficial. It really led to being able to create this very solid massive piece of work in the four years time that we had initially intended to do. I do think that this will continue to happen going from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth into the final title.

When asked whether he’d like to keep this development team together going forward even after the third installment in the Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy, Hamaguchi-san responded positively.

Definitely, that would be wonderful. I do think that the sort of current team dynamics within the team that created Rebirth is really great and I think the overall sentiment and feeling within the team is really absolutely wonderful right now as well, especially with this wonderful score reveal.

People are in really high spirits, they respond to the global reception of the work that we have created. In that way I do really hope to continue to foster this type of environment and grow together with the team in creating these types of works that garner that type of reception, in hopes that they will continue to want to work together.

Of course, it’ll be a long while before that happens. In another interview, Hamaguchi recently said that Part 3 is currently at the same development spot where Rebirth was when Remake was first released, suggesting that the next installment could launch in 2028.

Stil, it would be nice to eventually see what they can do with an original game.

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