Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – How to Complete Fort Condor Stage Four

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – How to Complete Fort Condor Stage Four

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth sees the return of the engaging Fort Condor minigame seen in the INTERmission expansion of the previous entry in the series. Featuring the same mechanics, this minigame is among the best featured in the game, but it can also be one of the most challenging, alongside Queen’s Blood, as it requires a bit of tactical thinking to master.

How to Play the Fort Condor Minigame

You will get the chance to play the Fort Condor minigame as soon as you reach the Junon region. To unlock it, all you need to do is head to the first Junon Protorelic Phenomenon World Intel in the region. By interacting with the game’s board, Cloud, Tifa, and Barret will be transported to a new world where they must defeat an enemy army to get their hands on the Protorelic.

As already mentioned, the Fort Condor minigame hasn’t changed a lot since the days of INTERmission. This side activity is basically a simple tower defense game where you must defeat the enemy leader before the time runs out while also avoiding getting your own base destroyed. Both headquarters are surrounded by two Outposts which serve as a last line of defense.

Depending on the Hero units you have picked at the start of the battle, you will be able to deploy different units. The basic units are Vanguards, Rangers, and Enforcers. Each one is more effective against another type of unit and less effective against another. Vanguards are strong against Rangers but weak against Enforcers; Rangers are strong against Enforcers but weak against Vanguards; Enforcers are strong against Vanguards but weak against Rangers.

Among the available units are units that do not belong to any of the above types, like Clerics, which can heal allies and attack from range, Ballistas, and Trebuches, which not only deal decent damage but also work great as a distraction since the enemy tends to go after them if placed on the battlefield. There are also advanced versions of the three basic units, which are more powerful and resilient but can only deployed a limited number of times.

Deploying units in the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Fort Condor minigame comes with its own set of rules. Any unit has an ATB cost, and the more powerful the unit, the more ATB is needed to deploy them. The only exception is Hero units, which can be deployed after you have deployed a set amount of unit types regardless of your available ATB.

You can also deploy units only as far as the closest enemy to your headquarters. As such, you will want to defeat them as quickly as possible to be able to attack the enemy’s base, and to do so effectively, you will want to keep track of the two tracks to the right side of the screen, which tell you which unit type is getting deployed and from which outpost.

How to Complete Fort Condor Stage Four in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

A general understanding of the mechanics powering Fort Condor should be enough to carry you through the first three stages. Still, for Stage Four, you will need a solid strategy to win, as the enemy will throw powerful units that do not belong to any of the three basic types. As such, you should focus primarily on destroying all enemy units before moving on the enemy’s leader, who can deal massive damage as well to units in range.

Keep track of what the enemy is about to deploy, and counter it with the units that are most effective, possibly in groups of two, to take them out quickly and avoid getting overwhelmed. Units that do not belong to any type go down quickly enough against Vanguards and Rangers, so you may want to deploy their Elite variants to defeat them even more quickly. No matter what, keep your Hero units in reserve.

As this strategy is somewhat slow, you will likely have little time to defeat the enemy leader once all units have been defeated. And this is where the Hero units come in. Wait until one of your units has reached the enemy base, unleash both Hero units simultaneously, and the boss should go down in a few seconds. Completing the stage will net you the Junon Region Protorelic and unlock the Fort Condor Hard Mode.

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