Forget Apple’s Studio Display, Get the Samsung M8 Smart Monitor Instead for Just 9.99

Veloz Lamma

Forget Apple’s Studio Display, Get the Samsung M8 Smart Monitor Instead for Just $449.99

Having a fine monitor on your desk makes a world of difference. Right now, the Samsung M8 smart monitor is heavily discounted.

Samsung’s Insane Smart Monitor – the M8 – is Currently Discounted to Just $449.99 and Everyone Should Take Note

This is a limited time deal which requires no effort at all to get. This means you won’t be dealing with discount codes, coupons or special sign-ups. Just add the monitor to your cart, check out, and the monitor will be at your doorstep by the weekend.

Buy SAMSUNG 27″ M80C UHD HDR Smart Computer Monitor Screen with Streaming TV – Was $649.99, now just $449.99

The Samsung M8 was released as a competitor to the Apple Studio Display, except it’s way cheaper at just $649.99. Right now, Samsung thinks they can do better and is selling the monitor for just $449.99.

For the price, you get a fantastic 4K panel that’s nice and bright. But, that’s not the best part – this monitor has a lot of smart features built right in, including Alexa.

It keeps on getting better.

This monitor also doubles up as a smart TV and comes with a ton of built-in apps such as YouTube, Netflix, you name it. You don’t ever have to turn on your PC or Mac to stream something as the monitor will simply do it for you. The included remote means you’ll be controlling everything on the monitor like a regular Samsung TV.

In fact, you don’t even need a computer to use this monitor at all. With a built-in web browser, you can do whatever you want. What’s even wilder is this – the Samsung M8 has support for streaming games, too. Just pair your favorite game controller and away you go.

Everything is nicely rounded off with USB-C and HDMI ports, while Apple AirPlay and SmartThings hub support is simply an icing on the cake.

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