Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro Launching Later This Year as Firmware Development Kicks Off

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Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro Launching Later This Year as Firmware Development Kicks Off

The Galaxy Buds are a fan favorite of a lot of people who are a part of the Samsung ecosystem. As a matter of fact, my wife loves my pair of Galaxy Buds Pro so much that she’s using them with her iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, the buds are in dire need of an upgrade, and it appears that Samsung is working on not one but two pairs for this year as firmware development for Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro has started.

The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro and the younger Buds 3 could launch simultaneously this year

According to the report, the  Galaxy Buds 3 Pro and Galaxy Buds 3 are in development with model numbers SM-R530 and SM-R630, respectively, and in addition to that, Samsung has started working on the firmware for both of these buds, too. Samsung normally does not release the Pro and standard variants together, but this could be the company’s way of streamlining the series and bringing them into a yearly release cycle.

Sadly, there is no other detail available on the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro or the younger versions, but if past releases are anything to go by, it is safe to assume that Samsung will be launching the new lineup of buds alongside the new Galaxy Z series since that is when Samsung usually comes out with its latest wearables.

If the speculation related to the release date is true, then we are going to see the Galaxy Buds 3 series launch at the Unpacked, which will be held sometime in July or August later this year.

I have been using the Sony WF-1000XM5 for the longest time, and honestly, I am really excited to see what Samsung has in store for us, especially with the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, because those would be the ones that I would be really interested in. Of course, it is going ot take some time before Samsung actually comes out with these buds, and considering how we are heading close to the official launch, you can expect a lot more information to come out. Be sure to stay tuned.

News Source: Galaxy Club

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