Galaxy S24 AI Slow Motion Is Going To Have A Resolution Limit That Might Not Please Everyone

Veloz Lamma

Galaxy S24 AI Slow Motion Is Going To Have A Resolution Limit That Might Not Please Everyone

One of the highlight features of the Galaxy S24 series is the ability to convert normal videos into slow-motion videos. This whole magic happens through a technology called frame interpolation, a common technique that we have seen in TVs, as well as in other mediums that go all the way back to the 70s. Now, some new information has surfaced that talks about how the feature is going to be limited in terms of resolution, and based on this, I do not think that a lot of users would be pleased by this new limitation.

The Galaxy S24’s AI slow-motion video is great, but the recording limitation might not make sense for everyone

Based on the information that we have found, it appears that the Galaxy S24’s AI video slow motion videos will have an upper and lower resolution limit. The source claims that you cannot use the feature on any video that is lower than 720p in resolution or has 8K resolution. So, if you are looking to convert your normal videos to slow motion, you will have to be sure that the videos are between these resolutions so you do not run into any issues with them.

Honestly, some might be concerned about why this resolution limit is applied in the first place, but it does make sense. For instance, AI does need to have enough understanding of the video for which it is generating frames. If the video quality is subpar, or the video itself is too heavy for proper edits, then things can be difficult for AI to work the way it is supposed to work.

Regardless of this, to be honest, I doubt anyone is going to have any issues with the limitation. For starters, no one really records videos below 720p resolution, and I cannot really think of anything useful for the 8K video. As far as the remaining resolutions are concerned, they are something that is still viable, and if you want to use AI slow-motion on those videos, Galaxy AI is your friend for that.

Do you think this limitation is something that is going to bother you or hinder your overall use of the Galaxy S24 series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

News Source: SamMobile

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