Gemini is Now Rolling Out to Google One AI Premium Subscribers to Make Your Productivity Even Eaiser

Veloz Lamma

Gemini is Now Rolling Out to Google One AI Premium Subscribers to Make Your Productivity Even Eaiser

It appears that Google is not done with making sure that the world knows about Gemini. Just a few days after announcing a new update to the language model, the company has announced that Duet AI for Google Workspace is going to transition into Gemini for Google Workspace. Google has released a number of new tools, as well, and there are some features that are available to Google One AI Premium subscribers, too.

Google really is serious about Gemini as the chatbot finds its way into multiple services

Starting today, Google One subscribers who are paying $19.99 a month for the Google One AI Premium plan will be able to access Gemini across their personal Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet. The feature is now rolling out in over 150 countries and in the English language.

For those wondering, in Gmail and Docs, the Gemini brings features such as Help Me Write, which makes use of generative AI to help you write emails as well as other content.

Moving further, if you are using Slides, then Gemini will be able to create images with text prompts. You can even use it in Meet to generate backgrounds, which seems like a pretty neat feature if you ask me.


If you are interested, Google is offering a two-month free trial for the new Gemini-powered subscription tier, and with the new features, you will be able to take the company’s offer and see if these features are something that will make your life easier with AI.

In addition to that, starting today, Workspace customers will be able to use the standalone Chat with Gemini. All you have to do is go to Once you are there, you can converse with the AI chatbot and talk about your requirements, and it will answer based on the information it has. Google has talked about how your conversations with the chatbot will not be used for advertising purposes or to train the machine learning technologies even further. Your conversations are also not reviewed by humans or shared with other users and organizations.

Currently, Gemini for Workspace is being offered in two plans. The Enterprise offering replaces Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise and offers “unfettered access” to Gemini for heavy users of generative AI. It also costs the most at $360 per user per year and has a lot of AI-powered tools that can help you increase your productivity.

If you want to save some money, you can opt for Gemini Business, which extends the AI to teams and organizations of various sizes so they can start using generative AI. This costs $240 per user per year. Both are available for new and existing Workspace customers.

Honestly, I am glad that Google is being serious about AI. If anything, it will give the company a reason to be more ambitious about other things than the company is currently working on. I also hope that Gemini sticks and Google does not go ahead and rename or replace it with something else that does the same task.

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