Google Messages Could Soon Get The Ability to Edit Messages and Here is How it Looks

Veloz Lamma

Google Messages Could Soon Get The Ability to Edit Messages and Here is How it Looks

Google Messages is easily one of the best apps there is when it comes to SMS and even RCS. It has been around for a long time, and Google keeps adding new and reliable features that make the app so much better. Now, a new report suggests that the app is getting a new feature that would let users edit the messages, and that way, you will have a much easier experience sending messages since you will always be able to edit the messages.

Google Messages is soon going to have the ability to edit your messages, but it will only work for RCS messages

The information was unearthed by AssembleDebug on Twitter, and the source claims how they were able to get Google Messages to have the message edit feature up and running. It required some flags to be enabled in the beta version of the app, and after that, it was evident that Google has been working on the feature for some time now. Again, this feature is not out in the wild, so you are going to have to wait for some time before it rolls out to everyone.

So, how will Google Messages handle the message editing feature? Well, after you have sent a message, you will have thirty minutes to edit it. You will also get the message history, which will show you the full list of edits. You will only need to long-press a message and tap the new pencil icon that will show up, and you will be able to edit the message. It is worth noting that the edit feature is only going to be there for RCS messages, so you will not be getting access to it across the board.

Once you tap the pencil button, you will get access to the standard text entry box, which becomes a message editing box. You can make the edits, and you will be all sorted. It is worth noting that the feature is not rolled out at the moment, and it can take some time before Google makes it available for everyone, but the good thing is that Google Messages is becoming more and more accessible and handy for anyone who is looking for a solid RCS feature set.

News Source: TheSpAndroid

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