Google One Ups Microsoft – Announces A.I. Writing Assistant For Daily Use 

Veloz Lamma

Google One Ups Microsoft – Announces A.I. Writing Assistant For Daily Use 

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With a little over a year having passed since generative artificial intelligence became a part of the public imagination, Google has shared upgrades to its Chrome browser that rely on the technology. Google, Microsoft-backed OpenAI, and Meta are among the handful of players in the big A.I. market right now. The industry requires vast computing power to expand machine learning’s presence to the daily consumer, and Google’s announcement also promises an A.I.-backed writing assistant for casual users soon.

Google Set To Unveil A.I. Based Writing Assistant For Chrome Soon

Google revealed the set of latest A.I. based upgrades to the Chrome browser earlier today in a blog post authored by its VP Parisa Tabriz. The new features are “experimental” as of now, according to the Chrome lead, which means that only regular and casual users will be able to use them for the time being. They cover managing browser tabs and beautifying the browser through themes and wallpapers.

Google describes its focus on A.I. as leveraging the technology to solve “real user pain points,” and as part of the latest slew of upgrades, it is also releasing a writing assistant for the Chrome browser. This upgrade was also part of today’s announcements, but unlike the other two, it will be available next month.

The latest set of upgrades from the software giant comes as the battle for A.I. heats up. Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI has enabled the firm to upgrade its Edge browser with an A.I. branding. Soon after ChatGPT became available for general use, Microsoft had also upgraded its Bing search engine by making it “A.I. powered.

Google’s A.I. powered writing assistant. Image: Google

After today’s announcement, Chrome users in the U.S. will be able to use the new features after selecting them through the Settings menu in the browser. Big tech firms such as Google and Microsoft can leverage not only their significant financial resources but also well developed user bases to roll out and test new features. On the flipside, newer entrants to the market have to first attract users to their platform and then consider effective monetization strategies to drive revenue.

Google’s latest announcement seems to be a step in this direction as well since they new features will initially only be available to users in the U.S. Users will be able to use A.I. to sort their Chrome tabs into groups based on the classes of websites that are open and select new themes.

As for the writing assistant, it will be available with Chrome’s February release, says Google. Along with passing tests and doing homework, writing is another task that a lot of users have delegated to A.I. software such as ChatGPT. Whether it’s writing prompts or emails, A.I. tools have gained popularity, and Google’s writing assistant seeks to bring this feature directly through the browser to the user.

According to Google, the writing assistant will be available through a simple right click, and users will be required to enter a few words before the A.I. takes over. A.I. models are typically trained over vast amounts of data, and they use parameters to match their outputs with inferences made during their training.

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