Google Surprises Everyone with the New Mint Color Option for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

Veloz Lamma

Google Surprises Everyone with the New Mint Color Option for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

While tech enthusiasts are waiting for Google to come out with the Pixel 9 series, the search engine giant is busy refreshing the Pixel 8 series. I would not blame Google for trying to divert attention away from the recent leaks by releasing the new colors of the phones that are already available in the market, and honestly, I do not really see this happening a lot in the market, at least not from Google.

The mint colorway for the Pixel 8 series is a fresh new take on a classic color that is difficult to pull off

Google has launched the Pixel 8 series in the new mint colorway. You are not getting anything new here–these are the same great phones the company launched last year, with the only difference being a new colorway. Google is not calling it a special edition, either. Therefore, the price remains the same. You are expected to pay a starting price of $699 for the base variant and a $999 starting price for the Pro variant. Both devices will go on sale this Friday. You can have a look at the renders below.

As far as any other differences are concerned, there are not any. The back of the new mint Pixel 8 series is matte, and the camera visor has a glossy mint finish that complements the matte finish. If you were waiting for Google to release the phone in a new color, you will not have to wait long, and you can pick it up starting tomorrow.

I am really glad that Google is taking the Pixel series seriously. A new color announcement might not carry the same weight as a full-fledged phone release, but it shows that the company is still committed to ensuring that users who are interested in getting their hands on the new devices. If you are waiting for the Pixel 9 series, however, you will have to wait until October, but considering the phones have already made an appearance, it will not be long before we learn more about those phones, too.

In addition to the new colorway, Google has also announced a new feature drop that is coming to all supported devices. So, if you are a Pixel 8 user or you use another Pixel device, then you are going to get access to these features pretty soon. I would suggest that you keep an eye out for the update to hit your supported devices.

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