Helen Mirren Rips Up AI-Generated Speech at American Cinematheque Awards

Rexa Vella

Helen Mirren Rips Up AI-Generated Speech at American Cinematheque Awards

Helen Mirren ripped AI to shreds while being honored Thursday night at the American Cinematheque Awards.

After being presented with the lifetime achievement award by her “Mosquito Coast” and “1923” co-star Harrison Ford at the Beverly Hilton gala, Mirren began to read her acceptance speech from a piece of a paper.

“Ladies and gentlemen and esteemed guests and dear friends, I am deeply humbled, profoundly honored to stand before you today accepting this extraordinary award. To be recognized for a lifetime devoted to the craft of acting is a privilege beyond words,” she said dramatically. “First and foremost, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the industry and the individuals who have supported me throughout this incredible journey. It is has been a life filled with passion, challenges and above all, an unyielding love for the art of storytelling.”

Then she added, “And that was written by AI,” before proceeding to tear up the speech and letting the pieces of paper fall to the stage floor.

The moment was met with applause and cheering.

AI aside, the Oscar winner then recalled her favorite memories working with directors and co-stars, including James Mason, John Boorman, Peter O’Toole (who “smoked joint after joint in his trailer”), Bob Hoskins, Ford, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Ken Russell, Al Pacino, Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith, who she emphasized is “a really great guy.”

Mirren also recalled winning the Oscar for her work as Queen Elizabeth II in “The Queen,” saying she thought at the time, “There is really one way now, and it can’t be up.”

The evening’s presenters included Mirren’s husband, director Taylor Hackford; Diesel; Alan Cumming; Andrea Riseborough; Pierce Brosnan; Patrick Stewart; and Bryan Cranston.

On the red carpet, Mirren told me that she’d still love to try conquering a musical movie. Among her favorite musicals are “Caroline, or Change,” “Oklahoma!” “Carousel” and “West Side Story.”

She admitted she has never been asked to be in a musical. “Very wisely,” Mirren laughed. “They’re quite right. I’m terrible.”

She also revealed that she once took singing lessons: “The singing teacher said, ‘I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you.’”

The evening also honored Kevin Goetz and his company Screen Engine with the Power of Cinema Award, presented by Jim Gianopulos.


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