Here Are The Best ‘Price To Performance’ M.2 4TB SSDs For March 2024 That Support The PCIe Gen 4 Standard

Veloz Lamma

Here Are The Best ‘Price To Performance’ M.2 4TB SSDs For March 2024 That Support The PCIe Gen 4 Standard

Adding a faster, high-capacity 4TB SSD gives you a ton of cushion for installing heaps of programs and games that have become storage gobblers these days, but it is not the most affordable path for anyone, regardless of whether you are inserting one in your PS5, a desktop or laptop computer. However, we have compiled six options that we believe will go easy on your wallet and provide adequate performance for getting things done quickly that and, of course, firing up your games and applications quicker. Here are all the 4TB M.2 PCIe Gen 4 SSDs you can get for March without burning a hole through your balance sheet.

Crucial P3 Plus

Some of you already knew that this list would start with the Crucial P3 Plus, as it is one of the best value-oriented 4TB SSDs on Amazon at this time. With sequential read speeds that go up to 5,000MB/s, the P3 Plus is an excellent starting point for any PC builder, laptop, or PS5 owner wanting to increase their existing storage without feeling that they do not have the funds remaining for anything else. Best of all, this solid state drive has memory chips on a single side, meaning that it will not get in the way of you trying to insert it in those ‘thin and light’ notebooks.

Silicon Power US75

The US75 is the fastest PCIe Gen 4 SSD in this list, with sequential read and write speeds of 7,000MB/s and 6,500MB/s, respectively. Silicon Power also offers a 5-year limited warranty to keep your peace of mind, but we continue to recommend the advantages of backing up your data and making it a practice to do so regularly. This 4TB SSD will also present no problems when installed on various machines, including Sony’s popular console.


The JPS850 might not have the most attractive name on this list, but that does not make the product any less appealing, as it is the cheapest 4TB SSD here. However, a smaller price typically means that LEVEN took a few shortcuts with this M.2 drive, right? Quite the opposite, because apart from being the most affordable solid state drive in this list, it is the second fastest, coming behind the US75 with sequential read and write speeds of 6,600MB/s and 5100MB/s, respectively, according to the company’s lab tests. This drive also carries a 3-year warranty if you want some security with your purchase.

Ediloca EN705

The Ediloca EN705 shares the same data transfer throughput as the Crucial P3 Plus, but it features what the company calls ‘Dynamic SLC.’ For those who do not know, this technology helps sustain high data transfer speeds for a short period when moving large files from computer to computer. The 5-year limited warranty and the 2,800TBW (terabytes written) endurance are also a huge plus when getting one of these, not to mention that the 4TB of storage should give you sufficient headroom for a few years.

Fikwot FN950

Similar to the Ediloca EN705, the Fikwot FN950 sports Dynamic SLC, all while sharing the same bandwidth as the P3 Plus, not to mention sporting the same price as the 4TB SSD. As a bonus, the company has bundled a screwdriver and mounting screw, assuming you do not have one in possession when installing the drive, as you never know when you might need these tools and not have them at the time. Also, that 5-year warranty is not a bad lifeline to have for when the drive goes ‘kaput.’

PNY CS2241

PNY is a household name for consumer storage products, and though its CS2241 might not have the most elegant of names for a 4TB SSD, it will get the job done as soon as you install it. Like several of the M.2 PCIe Gen 4 drives in this list, the CS2241 has sequential read and write speeds of 5,000MB/s and 4,200MB/s, respectively, so you will not miss out on upgraded speeds, that’s for sure. However, you will have to pay slightly more compared to the other options, and if you are the kind of consumer who opts for the best deal and can get the best ‘value for money,’ there are alternatives available.

We understand that with NAND flash prices slowly creeping upward, the prices of these 4TB SSDs will likely change in the future, so we highly recommend that you pick one as soon as you can, and, at the same time, we will make sure to update this list accordingly. To be on the safer side, and if your budget allows, you should pick two of these if you own a desktop or laptop computer, as you can use one as your boot drive, with the remaining one being used to install all of your programs and games. In any case, let us know in the comments which 4TB SSD you think is the best pick for you.

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