Hi-Fi Rush Rumored to Be Coming to Nintendo Switch 2 Console

Veloz Lamma

Hi-Fi Rush Rumored to Be Coming to Nintendo Switch 2 Console

Yesterday, Microsoft formally unveiled those four games that are coming to other consoles: Obsidian’s Pentiment and Grounded, Rare’s Sea of Thieves, and Tango’s Hi-Fi Rush. While the former two games are coming to PlayStation platforms and Nintendo Switch, the latter two are only coming to PS5.

It is a bit more understandable for Sea of Thieves, which features a rather impressive ocean simulation that may outstrip the Switch’s meager CPU capabilities. However, Hi-Fi Rush is not as intensive and also seems like the perfect fit for Nintendo’s console.

According to leaker Tom Henderson, the reason is that the game is being prepared for the Nintendo Switch 2. As such, it may take a few more months before the port is announced. The Nintendo Switch 2 was supposed to launch later this year, but recent reports have indicated that Nintendo delayed the debut of the new console to early 2025, with the reveal now slated for the June season.

Meanwhile, Hi-Fi Rush will debut on Sony’s PlayStation 5 on March 19, with pre-orders going live later today. Tango’s rhythm action game will include the Arcade Challenge update released post-launch.

Hi-Fi Rush was shadowdropped following last year’s Xbox Developer Direct, generating a lot of of positive buzz. Ule Lopez loved the game in his 9/10 review for Wccftech:

Hi-Fi Rush is a fantastic game that combines two very popular genres and makes a wonderful and innovative game with a low skill floor but a high skill ceiling. The game is both accessible to newcomers to rhythm games and very challenging for veterans looking to be tested in several other areas that don’t necessarily have to do with just rhythm games. The combat is varied, the combos you learn are great to execute, and the music is a joy to listen to. Overall, a great success.

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