How To Fix Galaxy S24 Screen Vividness Issue

Veloz Lamma

How To Fix Galaxy S24 Screen Vividness Issue

The Galaxy S24 series is, without a doubt, one of the best when you are looking for smartphones in the market and has been since its release. However, that does not mean that the phone is not marred with its fair share of issues – the biggest being the problem with the screen’s vividness, as many users have reported that the screen just feels washed out. This actually caused a backlash that made Samsung push an update, but it appears that the update has not reached a lot of people. That is why I am going to help you fix the Galaxy S24 screen vividness issue, so once you do receive the update, you can make the screen even more vivid.

You can finally fix the Galaxy S24 screen vividness issue by following this tutorial

Now, keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with your phone, and going for a replacement unit will not do you any favor, either. Samsung has decided to opt for more natural colors this time around rather than the punchy and vivid colors that we have seen in previous Galaxy smartphones. Thankfully, to fix the Galaxy S24 screen vividness issue, you only have to take care of a few settings, and you are good to go.

Step 1: On your Galaxy S24, head over to Settings.

Step 2: Now, look for an option that says Adaptive color tone and turn that off.

Step 3: Right underneath the Adaptive color tone option, you will find Screen mode. Tap that.

Step 4: Now go ahead and select Advanced settings, and at the bottom, you will see a slider for vividness. Adjust it to your heart’s content to make sure that the vividness issue you are facing is no longer there.

Once you are done, you can just head back to the main screen, and you will be good to go. Do keep in mind that the washed-out screen on the Galaxy S24 is not a hardware defect. As I have mentioned before, Samsung has opted for more natural colors this time around, and that is why the display appears to be washed out.

If you remember the time of CyanogenMod and other custom ROMs, you would also remember that the custom ROMs used to have such features available that could help you tweak the vividness of your display. This tutorial should help you fix Galaxy S24 screen vividness issues without any problems that might come in the way.

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