In pictures: Celebrating the Lantern Festival

Connie Queline

In pictures: Celebrating the Lantern Festival

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Dazzling displays of lanterns have been lighting up the skies to mark the end of Lunar New Year celebrations and hail the coming of spring.

The Lantern Festival is held two weeks after Lunar New Year, which was on 12 February this year and ushered in the Year of the Dragon.

The new year, and subsequent Lantern Festival, is typically celebrated in parts of Asia, including China, South Korea and Vietnam, as well as in diaspora communities around the world.

As well as with the traditional lighting of lanterns, this weekend’s festival also saw firework displays, night markets and entertainment from dancers and performers.

People look at light installations as part of Lantern Festival in Beijing, China


People release Kongmin lanterns to celebrate the Lantern Festival in Chongqing, China

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People perform a dragon dance amid fireworks in Taijiang County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province of China

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Folk artists and children parade with fish lanterns in Sanming, Fujian Province, China

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People perform a dragon dance during Cap Go Meh festival on the occasion of the last day for Lunar New Year of the Dragon celebrations, at a shopping mall in Bogor, West Java, on February 24, 2024

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A child carrying a lantern visits a park during the Lantern festival in Beijing

WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images

Dancers perform the Puzhai fire dragon dance in Meizhou, Guangdong Province, China

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People release sky lanterns during the celebration of Sky Lantern Festival, in Pingxi, New Taipei City, Taiwan


People enjoy light installations at a park on Lantern Festival in Beijing, China


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