Indonesia Offers Special Naturalization Process for Children with Dual Citizenship

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian government through its Ministry of Law and Human Rights provided an opportunity for children with dual citizenship to regain their Indonesian citizenship until May 31, 2024.

The Director of Constitutional Law at the Ministry Baroto explained that the naturalization process referred to Article 3A of the Government Regulation No. 21 of 2022 on procedures for the acquisition, deprivation, cancellation, and reacquisition of citizenship. 

“The special article facilitates children with dual citizenship who became “foreigners” to regain their citizenship but it comes with a deadline,” he said on Monday. According to Baroto, Article 3A is in effect for two years and will be nullified in six months.

Based on Citizenship Law No. 12 of 2006, children with dual citizenship who have turned 18 years old or have been married must choose their citizenship since Indonesia applies single citizenship. However, the government regulation offered a chance for children with dual citizenship to regain their Indonesian citizenship.

According to the ministry data, many of these children of dual citizenship lost their Indonesian citizenship due to unawareness that they must register to become Indonesian citizens. “Thus, the government protects children with dual citizenship who have been an Indonesian citizen or want to regain their Indonesian citizenship,” he said.

The government regulation, in addition to offering opportunities for children with dual citizenship to regain their Indonesian citizenship, also has some perks. First, the fee required to regain citizenship is cheaper at Rp5 million than the usual naturalization process, which costs about Rp50 million. Second, the requirements to obtain an immigration certificate (SKIM) are easier, and lastly, the process to regain citizenship is prioritized by the relevant agencies.

“Six months is not a long time. Let’s use this golden opportunity to apply to become an Indonesian citizen, and please remind your acquaintances, friends, or family who have yet to apply to regain their citizenship [too],” Baroto concluded.


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