Intel Core i9-14900KS CPUs Already In Buyers Hands, 6.2 GHz At 1.5V & Direct-Die Cooling

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Intel Core i9-14900KS CPUs Already In Buyers Hands, 6.2 GHz At 1.5V & Direct-Die Cooling

Intel’s Core i9-14900KS CPUs are showing up in buyer’s hands ahead of launch and it looks like the chip is a voltage-heavy monster too.

Intel Core i9-14900KS CPU Features Crazy High Voltage Alongside The World’s Fastest 6.2 GHz Clock Speeds, Will Require Extreme Cooling

User, pakhtunov, at forums has acquired the Intel Core i9-14900KS “Special Edition” CPU ahead of the launch. He didn’t manage to get one buy two CPUs and went straight to test out the chips. Another user replied & stated how he had received the chip too and is planning to delid and install it tomorrow. It looks like retailers across Vietnam are also breaking the embargoes as I_Leak_VN has posted pictures of several 14900KS CPUs sitting on shelves and ready for sale before launch day.

Image Source: I_Leak_VN

So coming back to the chip from the OCN user, the Intel Core i9-14900KS CPU is going to be a fast chip and the highest-clocked CPU on the planet when it launches. It features the same config as the Core i9-14900K with 24 Cores (8 P-Cores + 16 E-Cores), 32 Threads, 36 MB L3, and 32 MB L2 cache. We can also note the per-core clock speeds for this chip which are rated at 6.2 GHz across a max of 3 P-Cores, 5.9 GHz across all cores. The E-Cores are clocked at 4.6 GHz across 3 cores and 4.5 GHz across all cores.

  • 14900KS 3 P-Core Boost: 6.2 GHz
  • 14900KS 3 E-Core Boost: 5.9 GHz
  • 14900KS All P-Core Boost: 4.6 GHz
  • 14900KS All E-Core Boost: 4.5 GHz

To achieve such high frequencies, Intel seems to have pushed the voltages of the Core i9-14900KS to their peak which is not set at 1.5V by default with a PL1 TDP of 150W & a PL2 rating that is above 253W. The Intel Core i9-14900KS is also a highly binned chip which is why it might just be able to sustain such high clocks, voltages, and power limits. The default 14900K CPU doesn’t manage well with higher voltages, power limits, and temperatures and can run into stability issues within games and applications.

Furthermore, it can also degrade the chip overtime which is why it’s important to use such chips with the best cooling solutions possible. The user can be seen using the Direct-Die cooling bracket which helps lower temperatures by a lot. The result is an SP score of 102 which shows the silicon quality. For the P-Cores and E-Cores separately, they have a score of 120 and 67, respectively. Now the 120 SP score for the P-Cores is a great figure as it shows that these cores are binned to the max while the 67 SP score for the E-Cores is definitely lower and it needs to be checked if Intel focused on P-Core binning intentionally for the 14900KS since that’s what most overclockers are pushing in world records run while disabling the E-Cores.

Image Source: I_Leak_VN

The Intel Core i9-14900KS CPU launches this month with reports indicating a shelf release on the 13th of March. The CPU is expected to be priced similarly to the Core i9-13900KS around $750 US.

News Source: I_Leak_VN

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