iOS 18 to Take Design Cues From visionOS, Bringing Translucent Elements and Redesigned System Apps Such as Safari

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iOS 18 to Take Design Cues From visionOS, Bringing Translucent Elements and Redesigned System Apps Such as Safari

It was recently reported that Apple made a breakthrough as it released a new AI model that can edit and manipulate images with natural language commands. The company is gradually working to offer its own AI applications for the iPhone 16 models. We have previously covered that iOS 18 will be Apple’s biggest the iPhone has ever received due to the addition of new AI features. It is now rumored that Apple is also looking to redesign iOS 18 with inspiration from the visionOS operating system for the Vision Pro headset.

The latest rumor coins that iOS 18 will take design cues from visionOS with translucent menus and more

Apple is working on a wide range of AI-related features for iOS 18. Analyst Jeff Pu previously stated that the forthcoming iPhone 16 lineup will be Apple’s first device to debut AI features later this year. However, the iPhone 16 models will only be a start, as Apple will ramp up the development of the technology for its future devices. While there is a boatload of AI features rumored for iOS 18, we have not heard any details on the platform’s design or visual experience. A sketchy rumor now claims that iOS 18 will take design cues from visionOS.

According to The Verifier, Apple’s forthcoming iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 will feature design changes similar to those of the visionOS platform. The report claims that the Apple TV app on iPadOS 18 will feature a translucent navigation bar. This is the same design language that Apple used for its recently announced Vision Pro. However, since the Vision Pro is a mixed-reality headset, it would make sense for the device to feature translucent elements. However, the iPad and iPhone do not share the same visual experience.

The report also mentions that Apple is also planning to redesign its system apps in iOS 18, including Safari. iOS 18 could also redesign certain menus and system elements. While the iOS 18 design changes are not confirmed at this stage, the company will announce the new version at its WWDC 2024 event. Apple will announce a plethora of additional updates for the iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Vision Pro, and more.

Note that the source has a mixed track record, so we would advise users to take the news with a grain of salt. It is still too early to draw conclusions and the company could offer various design changes with iOS 18. Even if Apple brings minimum changes to the table, iOS 18 would still be the company’s biggest update for the iPhone, considering the features it has planned for the platform.

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