iPhone SE 4 Will Ditch The Notch in Favor of a Dynamic Island on Display, Giving The Device a More Modern Look

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iPhone SE 4 Will Ditch The Notch in Favor of a Dynamic Island on Display, Giving The Device a More Modern Look

Apple has been working on its budget iPhone SE 4 handset, which is slated to undergo a major redesign compared to the SE 3. The device has been delayed several times, and we are not certain when it will see daylight. However, details related to the device surface now and then, revealing changes in design and form factor. A sketchy rumor now claims that the iPhone SE 4 will ditch the rumored notch and instead feature the Dynamic Island on display, similar to the iPhone 15 models.

Apple planning to launch the iPhone SE 4 with a Dynamic Island on the display, narrowing the design gap with the iPhone 15 models

It was reported last year that Apple’s iPhone SE 4 will undergo a major redesign as it is slated to adopt an iPhone 14-like design. While there will be some key differences, the SE 4 will continue to be the company’s cheapest iPhone compared to the latest models. However, the whole point of introducing the SE lineup is to offer a budget variant of the iPhone. According to Majin Bu on X, Apple will see fit to offer the Dynamic Island on the display with the launch of the iPhone SE 4.

Since the iPhone SE 4 was rumored to feature an iPhone 14-like design, it was pretty self-explanatory that the device would house a notch. The notch was reportedly part of Apple’s bigger scheme to redesign its budget iPhone. The company was expected to move away from Touch ID in the Home button along with a giant forehead and chin on the device. The next generation of iPhone SE will come with an all-screen design and a single camera sensor on the back.

The tipster claims that the camera bump of the iPhone SE 4 will resemble the bump Apple has planned for the iPhone 16. It was recently reported that the iPhone 16 will house vertically aligned camera lenses housed in a slimer bump than current models. However, the camera plateau will house the sensor itself alongside the mic and the flash module. On the iPhone 16, the flash is seen to be situated outside of the camera bump. However, the overall design will be similar to the iPhone 14 with flat sides and a USB-C port.

If the news has heft, it can be presumed that the company aims to move away from the notch for good, replacing it with a Dynamic Island on the front. It was previously reported that Apple is planning to launch the iPhone SE 4 in 2025 as it faces many challenges. However, take the news with a grain of salt as no concrete details are available on the device.

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