Israel launches ‘extensive’ strikes on Lebanon

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Israel launches ‘extensive’ strikes on Lebanon


Israel has launched an “extensive wave of attacks” on Lebanon after a woman was killed and others injured in a rocket attack on northern Israel.

Lebanese media reported that villages had been hit and buildings were on fire.

Hezbollah, which is thought to have carried out the attack on Israel, has not claimed responsibility.

The two sides have traded regular fire across Israel’s northern border since the 7 October attacks by Hamas.

“Fighter jets began an extensive wave of attacks in Lebanese territory,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman, Daniel Hagari, wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday.

Mr Hagari said the IDF would give more detail on its latest air strikes in the coming hours.

The attack from Lebanon on northern Israel hit the Safed area, and was targeted at the Israeli military’s northern command centre, the IDF said.

A video shows one of the rockets landing near the gate of a hospital.

Hezbollah – a Shia Muslim organisation – is one of the most heavily-armed, non-state military forces in the world.

It was established in the early 1980s by the region’s most dominant Shia power, Iran, to oppose Israel.

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