Israel special forces enter besieged Gaza hospital

Connie Queline

Israel special forces enter besieged Gaza hospital

We can bring you more detail on what Israel says is
happening inside the Nasser hospital at the moment.

Israeli special forces have entered the besieged hospital in
Khan Younis in southern Gaza, an Israel Defense Forces spokesperson says.

The purpose of the operation, according to the IDF, is to
find and return the bodies of hostages it believes are inside the hospital.

It’s unclear from the statement whether the IDF believe any
hostages are still alive.

“Sadly, we know that some hostages are no longer alive. We
are committed to finding and returning the bodies of those hostages in Gaza,” IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari says.

Hagari describes the operation
as “precise and limited”.

He says the operation was launched following intelligence from
released hostages that indicates the hospital was being used to hold other

A humanitarian corridor has been opened to allow civilians
to leave the area and the hospital remains functional, according to the IDF


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