Keke Palmer Shares the Wellness Essentials That Help Her Hydrate and Chill

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Keke Palmer Shares the Wellness Essentials That Help Her Hydrate and Chill

Keke Palmer is easily one of the hardest-working women in Hollywood. She’s been acting since age nine and has a whopping 109 credits on her IMDb page (with another nine upcoming). Then there’s her singing career—perhaps you caught her Big Boss Tour last year? She also hosts Password (for which she recently won an Emmy for outstanding host for a game show), which is set to return March 12 on NBC.

To top it off, Palmer has a new partnership with electrolyte drink mix Liquid I.V., which, given her schedule, feels like a perfect fit.

“I’m always trying to stay hydrated and healthy with the work I do,” Palmer tells Glamour. “Especially on film sets, I’ll be up so late, so it’s important to get those electrolytes.”

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With so many things on her to-do list, Palmer squeezes in self-care however she can. “Wellness looks like many things,” she says. “It could be you taking the day off, it could be doing yoga or Pilates, it could be meditating in your room or going to therapy. Making sure that you’re staying hydrated. I think there are many different versions of what feeling good is and what taking care of yourself is.”

In the mornings all it takes is a “nice and warm” shower to get her feeling “refreshed and ready to go for the day.” But once it’s time to wind down at night? She’ll have get back to you. “That’s what I’m working on,” Palmer says. “I’ll call you when I find out.”

Ahead, Keke Palmer shares her favorite wellness essentials, from her trusty workouts to a favorite candle, in our series about must-haves, Great 8.

Face mist

I love La Roche-Posay, their thermal water face mist. I love all their products, but that’s one of my favorites for in between your day, to just refresh you.

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water for Sensitive Skin

Workout apps

I love yoga. I have tons of different yoga apps, especially because I can do them wherever I am, if I’m on set, or in my room. It’s called Daily Yoga, but then if I want to slip Pilates in there, I would do Melissa Wood Health.


Moleskine Notebook

I love journaling. I always journal before bed. The main thing [I try to do] is just put my phone off; it’s a bit of an addiction.

Customizable headphones

AirPods Max

Aside from the fact that I listen to music out of ’em, I love the fact that I can actually put stickers on them and change out the colors and all that fun stuff.

On-the-go electrolytes

Liquid I.V. Sugar-Free Hydration Multiplier – White Peach

Obviously Liquid I.V. Specifically the white peach flavor. I have like a million sticks in my bag. Especially when I’m working out with my trainer Corey Caillet. I even got him on Liquid I.V.

A luxe candle

Le Labo Santal 26 Classic Candle

I like all types of candles, but specifically I’ve been loving the Le Labo Santal 26 candle. Always good for a nice wind-down bath.

A humidifier

Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier

My humidifier, Honeywell to be specific. I’m always doing stuff with my voice. I think my voice is more of a character than physical “me” in itself. So I always have to make sure I’m keeping my vocals up to par, whether for singing, for voiceover, for hosting.

Bath bombs

Ouai Chill Pills

I love—how do you pronounce it?—O-U-A-I. I love their bath bombs.


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