Kenneth Mitchell, known for Captain Marvel and Star Trek: Discovery, has passed at 49

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Kenneth Mitchell, known for Captain Marvel and Star Trek: Discovery, has passed at 49

The actor was diagnosed with ALS in 2018 but continued to work on high-profile projects. His social media released a statement on his passing.

Variety reports that Kenneth Mitchell, the actor known for his multiple roles in Star Trek: Discovery and Captain Marvel as Joseph Danvers, has passed due to ALS complications on Saturday. He was 49. Mitchell portrayed Klingons Kol, Kol-Sha and Tenavik, as well as Aurellio on Star Trek: Discovery. He also lent his voice to portray several characters in an episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks. The actor also appeared in the 2004 Olympic hockey film Miracle, starring opposite Kurt Russell. Mitchell would also appear in 27 episodes of the 2006 show Jericho.

According to Variety, a statement was released on Mitchell’s Instagram account. The statement read, “For five and a half years, Ken faced a series of awful challenges from ALS. And in truest Ken fashion, he managed to rise above each one with grace and commitment, to living a full and joyous life in each moment. He lived by the principals that each day is a gift and we never walk alone.”

Back in 2020, Mitchell went public with his condition, revealing that he had been diagnosed with ALS in 2018. The actor had been using a wheelchair since 2019. He would share, “I think it, over time, became the theme of us accepting this with grace. Trying to see the beauty in it, in a way. I’ll never forget, one of my ‘Star Trek’ co-stars told me, because they had dealt with some trying times with illnesses and stuff, and I remember them communicating to me, saying, ‘You have a choice. You can look at this in many different ways, but maybe try to look at this like a gift where you get to experience life in a way that most people don’t.’”

Mitchell revealed to People Magazine that he would give up a lead on a television series that required him to film in Newfoundland. He turned down the opportunity, saying, “Being lead of the show, I really wanted that responsibility. But in the end, it just wasn’t the right thing to continue on.”

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