Natural harmony on Mount Wugong


Natural harmony on Mount Wugong

Beijing (ANTARA) – A group of young people patiently climbed thousands of steps amidst green grasslands to reach the “White Crane Peak” at an altitude of 1,918.3 meters above sea level (DPL).

Using bamboo sticks to help them walk and support their weight, they attempted to conquer Wugong Mountain in Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, southeast China.

The efforts to conquer this 120 square kilometer mountain are not easy because when you reach the top the wind becomes stronger and your eyes are sometimes covered by the fog that descends also due to the differences in air temperature. Even though the climbing route has a slope of 40-50 degrees, it really takes a strong determination to continue reaching the top.

However, the journey up and down the mountain, which is part of the National Forest Park, is not in vain. Because along the way climbers can enjoy the sensation of the smell of grass, suspension bridges, waterfalls and even granite rocks with sharp peaks that look like rows of pencil tips.

Alluring views

Mount Wugong was one of the three famous mountains of southern China in ancient times along with Mount Lu and Mount Heng. Wugong Mountain is the northern part of the Luoxiao Mountains.

This location is also said to be a place where Taoist philosophers retreat and seek the harmonization of the natural order, so it is not surprising that there is a Taoist temple on this mountain.

Forest cover on Mount Wugong reaches 88.1% of the mountain’s total area of ​​120 square kilometers and is a growing place for 2,500 plant species. These plants include 40 species of ancient plants and more than 150 species of protected rare trees.

Trekking route on Wugong Mountain, Jiangxi Province, China on Thursday (5/30/2024). ANTARA/Desca Lidya Natalia

Besides flora, Wugong Mountain is also home to some rare animals such as salamanders and short-tailed monkeys.

Wugong Mountain is divided into four zones. The first zone is located at 1,600 – 1,900 meters DPL, which is an area covered with meadows, the second zone is located at 1,200 – 1,600 meters DPL in the form of a steep cliff, the third zone is located at an altitude of 1,200 – 1,600 meters DPL in the form of a steep cliff 500 – 1,200 meters DPL in the form of a waterfall with a steep slope, and the fourth zone is under 500 meters DPL which has hot springs.

The rocks of Mount Wugong are granite that has undergone a natural sedimentation process for thousands of years. The rocks at the top of the mountain cracked, collapsed and piled up on the mountain slopes, forming towering granite pillars with sharp tips, some of which reached a height of over 250 meters.

Among the giant rocks there are Stone of Wishes or the Stone of Hope where many visitors leave signs with messages of hope and hope fairy mouse i.e. a rock sticking out at the top right and it looks like a mouse is raising its head to listen to the Buddha’s lesson.

Suspension bridge on Wugong Mountain, Jiangxi province, China on Thursday (5/30/2024). ANTARA/Desca Lidya Natalia

There are at least three favorite spots on Mount Wugong. The first is White Crane Peak or Golden Peak (金顶 or Jinding), which is the peak of Mount Wugong. After arriving at the summit, visitors can take photos of the stone tablet with red carvings of “Wugong Mountain” and “Golden Peak” on both sides. Kung Fu poses are a favorite style at this location.

The name “White Crane Peak” itself comes from the view of the mountain in autumn which is covered in white clouds during autumn so that when a light breeze comes it creates the image of thousands of white cranes perched on the summit.

The second location is the Alpine meadow, which is a large grassy field at 1,600 square meters of altitude DPL, visitors can lie down on the meadow.

Colorful flowers will appear in spring. In summer there is a sea of ​​green grass, in autumn the golden reeds change the atmosphere, and in winter Wugong Mountain is covered in white snow so that the panorama is different in every season.

Third, waterfalls of various sizes. Most waterfalls flow from overhanging rocks.

Waterfalls on Mount Wugong, among others, the Jinhusajiu waterfall (金壶洒酒瀑) has a height of about 120 meters, the Fuqi waterfall (夫妻瀑) or also called Couple waterfall, flows from two different rocks but meets in the same pool and the Sandie Waterfall (三叠瀑) creates a layered impression as it flows through three layered slopes.

Itinerary according to capacity

Visitors have three route options. The first route is a day trip with the help of the cable car twice. The route starts from the Shigu Temple and then walks along a stone path complete with handrails to reach Jinding Peak with a total distance of approximately 10 kilometres.

Cable car on Mount Wugong, Jiangxi province, China on Thursday (5/30/2024). ANTARA/Desca Lidya Natalia

This route is suitable for amateur visitors who only want to spend a short time on Mount Wugong.

The second route is a one-day climb starting from Shenzi village and then using the cable car to reach Jinding peak. The total length of the route is approximately 15 kilometers and is suitable for visitors who have already climbed mountains or have friends with climbing experience.

The third route is a two-day climb starting from Shigu Temple, passing a waterfall, staying overnight at one of the six campsites around Jinding Peak to enjoy the sunrise, and ending at Batu Frog with a total route of 24 kilometers. This path requires physical tenacity.

It is also called one of the climbing routes on Wugong Mountain Hanging Hills because the slope reaches 45-50 degrees. Visitors to each route must take this route as the only route to the top.

Visitors can negotiate the steep trail of 1,188 steps Hanging Hills he was considered a hero therefore the route was also given the name “Pista Eroica”. From the start of the trail to the rest area, visitors burned 960 calories. Visitors using this route are advised to be under 60 years of age.

Visitors pose in kung fu poses at White Crane Peak, Mount Wugong, Jiangxi province, China on Thursday (5/30/2024). ANTARA/Desca Lidya Natalia

Those who want to camp but don’t want to bring a tent with them can rent one at the Meadow Starry Night Camping Areas or stay at the Starry Night Tent, which is a “hotel” with a transparent room.

Spring from March to May is the best season to come to Mount Wugong because the temperature varies between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius, especially when you can see the pink and white cherry blossoms while riding the cable car.

The price of the cable car is also different, namely from Shigu Temple to Zhongan for the uphill route is 65 yuan/person, while the downhill route is 50 yuan/person. The fare for the second line of the cable car, that is, the route up from Fuxing Valley to Jinding Peak, is 35 yuan/person, and the descent route is 25 yuan/person. The cable car operates from 08.30 to 16.30.

However, most visitors come during the summer holidays, from June to August, because it is the best place for camping, especially because the sky is clean and if you spend the night on top of the mountain you can easily see the starry sky.

In autumn, especially in winter, the temperature is very low and can reach 0 degrees Celsius, so it is quite dangerous for visitors to climb due to the risk of slipping.

Grassland at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level on Wugong Mountain, Jiangxi province, China on Thursday (5/30/2024). ANTARA/Desca Lidya Natalia

To reach Mount Wugong, visitors can use a plane to a number of nearby cities such as Shanghai, Changsha, Guangzhou or Nanchang and then continue their journey with a fast train or regular train to Pingxiang city, while from Pingxiang to Mount Wugong you can use a taxi or bus.

Whichever route you choose to climb Wugong Mountain, the seemingly endless journey up and down the stairs actually pays off during the journey with a panorama that shows the harmony of nature’s creation created by the Almighty.

Publisher: Achmad Zaenal M

Publisher: Achmad Zaenal M
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