Netanyahu admits he failed to protect Israeli citizens during Hamas attacks


Netanyahu admits he failed to protect Israeli citizens during Hamas attacks

ISTANBUL (ANTARA) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly acknowledged for the first time his government’s failure to protect Israeli citizens since the shocking attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on October 7 last year.

“The government’s first responsibility is to protect the people. This is a big responsibility to take on and society is not protected. We have to admit it,” Netanyahu said in an exclusive interview with YouTube channel Dr. Phil’s Primetime, Thursday (9/5).

After the October 7 attack, public pressure mounted for the Israeli prime minister to resign from his post due to a lack of information about the attacks carried out by Hamas.

Hamas claims the attack was a response to Israel’s oppressive policies and actions against Palestinians for decades.

Several polls conducted in Israel in recent months also show that the public wants Netanyahu to step down.

Netanyahu’s admission of his government’s failures came after US President Joe Biden announced he would cut off some arms supplies to Israel if a large-scale ground operation was launched in Rafah.

However, Netanyahu expressed hope that he and Biden can resolve their “differences” over the ongoing offensive in Gaza.

“We often have agreements, but there are differences of opinion that we can overcome. “I hope we can get through this now, but we will do what we have to do to protect our country,” she said.

He reiterated Israel’s call to establish “some kind of civilian government by the people of Gaza that is not tied to attacks on Israel,” with the help of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and a number of other countries looking for stability and peace.

At the same time, Israel also wants to discuss plans for the future of the Gaza Strip after the war.

Source: Anadolu

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