New Nintendo Direct Rumored to Air Next Week on February 15

Veloz Lamma

New Nintendo Direct Rumored to Air Next Week on February 15

A new Nintendo Direct broadcast is airing next week, according to sources familiar with Nintendo’s plans.

Nintendo has long been airing Nintendo Directs in February of each year, and going by several rumors, this year will be no different. As posted on the ResetEra forums by ‘Guaraná’, he has heard about Nintendo planning a new event for next week on February 15. When asked about the date, the ResetEra user added, “I got some info from a friend working on the Brazilian Portuguese localization of some titles and they said that it’s expected for Feb 15”. Nothing else was mentioned, although additional information wasn’t asked either. “And I didn’t ask”,  ‘Guaraná writes in the same thread. “They almost never [talk] about it. The last time they said something similar was when a wrestling game was announced during a mini Direct, a couple of years ago.”

Additionally, Italian outlet Universo Nintendo reports to have heard from sources that Nintendo is indeed planning a Direct for next week, although this broadcast can take place between February 12 and February 15. “According to information obtained by  Universo Nintendo from sources who chose to remain anonymous, the company should hold its traditional presentation of news through a Nintendo Direct next week, between February 12th and 15th”, the outlet writes.

As for whether this new Direct is either a Mini or general Direct remains unknown at this point.

What are your thoughts about a new Nintendo Direct? Will it take place next week and what will Nintendo reveal? The long-rumored Switch The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker ports perhaps? Will we learn more about the long-overdue Metroid Prime 4? As posted last month, recent findings might suggest that a proper reveal of the new Metroid Prime is indeed imminent.

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