OnePlus 13 and Xiaomi 15 Series to Finally Ditch Optical Fingerprint Sensors in Favor of Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors

Veloz Lamma

OnePlus 13 and Xiaomi 15 Series to Finally Ditch Optical Fingerprint Sensors in Favor of Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors

In-display fingerprint sensors remain my favorite. Sure, the first generation of these sensors was not as good, but over the past couple of years, they have become a lot faster and more responsive. OnePlus and Xiaomi have been using optical variants for some time now, but new rumors suggest that the OnePlus 13 and Xiaomi 15 series will finally do the job with the much more advanced and secure ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

Ultrasonic fingerprint readers are finally becoming more common with the Xiaomi 15 series and OnePlus 13

According to two separate tips on Weibo, Xiaomi is busy testing ultrasonic fingerprint sensors for the upcoming Xiaomi 15 series, which is in development and should debut sometime towards the end of this year.

At the same time, another tip suggests that aside from the Xiaomi 15 series, the OnePlus 13 will also be switching to ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, joining the likes of Samsung’s flagship devices. Do note that Samsung has been using ultrasonic fingerprint readers since the early days when the Galaxy S10 was the flagship. However, the sensors have improved drastically and have become a lot better than they used to be back in the old days.

If you are still not aware of why the OnePlus 13 and the Xiaomi 15 series would want to go for ultrasonic fingerprint readers, then it is mainly because these sensors are more secure than their optical counterparts. Unlike optical sensors, ultrasonic fingerprint sensors scan the ridges on your fingers using ultrasonic waves. This is much more secure than simply taking a picture of your finger and then matching it with the one that is stored on the phone. If you have not been keeping up to date, an optical fingerprint scanner is just a small camera that scans your fingerprint.

The OnePlus 13 and Xiaomi 15 series are still some months away from going official. My guess is that the phones will go official in China towards the end of this year, and we will see a global release date early next year. You can expect top-tier hardware, even better cameras, bigger batteries, and a lot more on top of these ultrasonic fingerprint readers.

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