Palworld Developer Is Short in Workforce, Starts Widespread Recruitment Drive

Veloz Lamma

Palworld Developer Is Short in Workforce, Starts Widespread Recruitment Drive

Palworld’s developer Pocketpair has started a recruitment drive to get larger. In a post on their Japanese X account, the studio revealed that they are looking for new people with decent market experience in every position available. Interestingly, they are recruiting mostly engineers and they don’t care about prior experience with a specific engine. You can also view the post below, with its automated translation version.

The popularity of Palworld in the industry is a fact that no one can deny, and the game has achieved massive success in such a short period of time. Pocketpair’s game has exceeded 19 million players between Steam’s 12 million and Xbox’s 7 million, making it the biggest game of 2024 so far. The game has, therefore, generated well over $200 million from Steam sales alone.

In other Palworld news, the developers have recently disclosed their significant server costs. Keeping the servers live costs the firm a whopping 70 million yen each month, equivalent to around $475,000. The studio’s CEO himself joked about the high costs as well, claiming that the firm would go “bankrupt from server fees,” although that is of course a massive exaggeration.

In Wccftech’s early access hands-on, Ule Lopez wrote:

Overall, Palworld is a neat survival game that only feels like it borrows the Pokemon aesthetic. The game is a fun venture, especially with multiple players as they share your adventure with you. Palworld isn’t too hard in its Normal setting, but you can still give yourself a challenge through the game’s Hard difficulty if you so wish.

Still, I can’t help but wonder where this game will go in terms of updates and upcoming content. While this game already offered an experience that at least provided me and my friends with over 30 hours of fun, there will be stuff that will make the game even more fun. It only makes me excited to see what the game will have to offer in the near future.

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