Pixel Phones May Soon Get A ‘Satellite SOS’ Feature As Google Attempts To Match What Apple Introduced Back In 2022

Veloz Lamma

Pixel Phones May Soon Get A ‘Satellite SOS’ Feature As Google Attempts To Match What Apple Introduced Back In 2022

Apple’s competitors, whether viewed from a smartphone or silicon category, have previously attempted to bring satellite connectivity to their products but have failed in their previous attempts. Where the likes of Qualcomm and Samsung were unsuccessful, Google may find a solution in the form of ‘Satellite SOS,’ a feature similar to Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite that it is reported to bring to its Pixel lineup of devices. The company has said it would bring this functionality to Android 14, and a series of leaked images show how the feature can be enabled.

A recent update to the ‘Adaptive Connectivity Services’ app, as shown by Google News on Telegram through a series of screenshots, reveals that Google may add the ‘Satellite SOS’ feature to Pixel smartphones. The feature would likely be available only if users could not connect to Wi-Fi or cellular networks. However, the report does not dive into how Google will bring ‘Satellite SOS’ to Pixel phones. With Apple, both iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 support this functionality thanks to the company partnering with Globalstar, a U.S. satellite communications firm.

Users who are interested in checking out the feature can head on over to ‘Settings,’ and after that, tap on ‘Safety & emergency.’ The Satellite SOS page briefly describes how it works, along with two options; ‘Try a demo’ or ‘Test real mode.’ Google has also added a disclaimer that when a user is in contact with emergency services through SMS, their name, email, contact number, location, device information, and emergency contacts will be shared.

The screenshots do not reveal if ‘Satellite SOS’ will be exclusive to Pixel smartphones or if Google intends to branch it out to other models. Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon X80 5G modem, which will be found in Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 flagships later this year, also supports satellite connectivity, so it is not like Google can immediately enable the feature through a software update as prerequisite hardware must also exist in smartphones. Since Google has not provided an update, we must wait for the company’s confirmation to determine if non-Pixel handsets will support ‘Satellite SOS.’

News Source: Google News

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