Prototype Liquid AIO Cooler Comes Without A Pump, Decent Performance With Low Noise

Veloz Lamma

Prototype Liquid AIO Cooler Comes Without A Pump, Decent Performance With Low Noise

Imagine having an AIO liquid cooler without any onboard pump, potentially getting your noise levels down to zero. Well, the German firm Wieland has come up with an interesting prototype to make this a reality.

Wieland’s “Prototype” Liquid AIO Cooler Has Raised The Possibilities Of Cooling Solutions Without “Noisy” Pumps Onboard

Well, the AIO liquid cooling solution proposed by Wieland is currently in its prototyping stages, so the specifics aren’t known, but the famous overclocker Der8auer has fortunately reviewed a unit of the AIO cooler, and interestingly, he was unaware of the cooling loops and the mechanism of heat dissipation inside it. The Wieland AIO comes with 2x 120mm fans, along with a metallic plate to manage the thermal transfer from the onboard CPU, into the cooling loop.

Image Source: Der8auer

In terms of the design, since there is no physical pump, it is replaced by a metallic plate with the “Wieland ” branding, nothing out of the ordinary. If you ask about the cooling method here, it’s just simply conduction going around, with the inside liquid taking in the thermal energy produced, and then circulating it to cool off. It is more of a conventional way of cooling, similar to what we see in large-scale industries, hence its implementation in the PC markets is something debatable.


Now coming to the AIO’s performance, by the benchmarking done by Der8auer, he noticed relatively decent gaming and synthetic performance of the Wieland AIO, when compared to Corsair’s H150i, which comes with a great onboard AIO pump. The average temperature difference between both AIOs was noted to be 8 degrees, which isn’t a lot compared to the grand scheme of things.

Image Source: Der8auer

The scope of AIO without a pump is indeed a huge one since it comes with several benefits including lower production costs, easier maintenance, and significantly reduced noise levels generated from the onboard pump in conventional solutions.

While it does hold many benefits, I am curious about the thermal performance such AIOs will come with, because consumers do tend to overclock CPUs, so they could get limited from this end. Despite that, Wieland’s solution is pretty interesting, and we hope that it does witness the light of the market.

News Sources: Der8auer, Videocardz

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