Qualcomm Announces AI Hub, Allowing Developers to Seamlessly Implement AI Models in Their Apps

Veloz Lamma

Qualcomm Announces AI Hub, Allowing Developers to Seamlessly Implement AI Models in Their Apps

Considering how AI has become commonplace on almost all modern smartphones, Qualcomm is taking the initiative as the company has just announced AI Hub. It is going to help developers quickly implement AI and generative AI features in their apps without having to deal with too many complications.

Qualcomm AI Hub is one of the coolest ways to make sure everyone gets access to AI

Qualcomm claims that the AI Hub is basically a central location for app developers where they can access on-device AI models that are quantized and validated by the company. At the time of writing, over 75 AI models are supported by this hub.

If you are a developer looking forward to implementing AI or generative AI to your apps, you can head over to aihub.qualcomm.com, select the AI model you want to implement, and then choose a target platform. Qualcomm even mentions that you can go further and choose a specific device, making AI Hub one of its kind in helping developers successfully and seamlessly implement artificial intelligence into their apps.

Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, Qualcomm AI Hub will then guide you to the correct model. The company has mentioned that developers can go ahead and integrate optimized models into their workflow with the help of a few lines of code.

Qualcomm has even mentioned how these models cover image segmentation, image generation, image classification, object detection, super-resolution, text generation, low-light enhancements, and natural language understanding. So, it is safe to say that your experience with AI Hub is going to be pretty solid.

As for whether the AI Hub is going to work on non-Snapdragon chips or not, it appears that it will work. However, the non-Snapdragon chipsets will not be able to take full advantage of dedicated AI silicon, and this ultimately means that developers will have to work harder to make this happen on devices that are not running Snapdragon chipsets.

Honestly, despite not being a developer, I think this is a pretty neat feature that Qualcomm is bringing out. Considering how we are going to be seeing AI almost everywhere and on every smartphone–even the mid-range ones, it actually looks like a great way forward. I just hope it works as smoothly as Qualcomm intends and that developers can implement a ton of cool AI features in their apps.

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