Regional Support Needed to Strengthen P3PD 2024

TEMPO.CO, Bogor – The Directorate General (Ditjen) of Village Administration (Bina Pemdes) of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) requests the regional governments, specifically the Community Empowerment and Village Service (PMD) in all provinces, to strengthen the Village Government and Development Program (P3PD) in 2024.

This was stated by the Director of Facilitation for LKAD, PKK, and Posyandu TB Chaerul Dwi Sapta at the P3PD Supervision and Control Workshop, in Sentul, Bogor, West Java, Tuesday, November 21, 2023.

Chaerul mentioned that as the lead of the Joint Secretariat (Sekber) for P3PD in each region, the PMD Department has a significant role in the progress of P3PD for 2024.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, P3PD will end in 2024. I ask for the support of the regional governments, especially the PMD Department as the leader of Sekber, to strengthen P3PD for the continuity of this program so it’s not wasted. Please utilize it well, with the hope that this program is beneficial for the community,” said Chaerul.

Chaerul requested the PMD Department and the Regional Management Consultant (RMC) of P3PD to collaborate in identifying strategic issues for input in 2024.

“There are 17 provinces present, the leaders want to know what the problems are in the regions, identify and report them. We hope for strategic formulations from each region. The P3PD program will end in 2024, where its success is determined by the support of all parties,” Chaerul stated.

Chaerul also hoped that provinces without a Sekber decree would soon establish one, as this is the foundation for supporting all activities according to the applicable regulations.

“Those who don’t have a Sekber should establish one soon, it’s important. The World Bank asks for a Sekber decree, without which support cannot be provided. For the success of P3PD, I hope we can identify strategic issues for input in the 2024 implementation. This week we are compiling the AWPB (Annual Work Plan Budget). If we have input, it will strengthen the program planning for 2024,” added Chaerul.

Meanwhile, for the RMC as an extension of the central government in the regions, it’s important to continue collaborating and performing Monitoring and Evaluation in the targeted location.

For 2024, if there are no obstacles, the implementation of P3PD will take place from March to June 2024.

Chaerul revealed that the implementation of P3PD training in 2024 should also be focused on the latest KPIs set for more targeted execution.


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