Samsung Copies The iPhone’s Always-On Display on The Galaxy S24 And Beats Apple at Its Own Game WIth Enhanced Features

Veloz Lamma

Samsung Copies The iPhone’s Always-On Display on The Galaxy S24 And Beats Apple at Its Own Game WIth Enhanced Features

Apple was probably the last company to adopt the Always-On display technology on the iPhone. However, Apple waits for the technology to advance before using it. The Always-On display on the iPhone is a lot different than the competition as it shows a dimmed version of the Lock Screen wallpaper, even after the device has been locked. Companies like Samsung and Google only utilize the Always-On display for time and notifications. The rest of the pixels are turned off. This time, Samsung has copied Apple’s Always-On display design on its Galaxy S24 series.

Samsung copies the iPhone’s Always-On display, which now shows a wallpaper with additional features

The entire purpose of the Always-On display is to provide information when the device is locked. Samsung’s previous renditions showed a black screen with time and notifications. However, the company did give various options to put a dimmed version of an image or design. Now, Samsung is choosing a different but same route as it copies Apple’s Always-On display design.

Samsung has recently announced its Galaxy S24 lineup with a boatload of significant changes in terms of design and features. While the company has offered the Always-On technology for quite a while, the new design is the first for Samsung and looks like Apple’s rendition. Coupled with the latest version of One UI 6.1, the Galaxy S24’s Always’On display will also show widgets, pictures, and animations (via AndroidPolice). With animations, Samsung is taking a step ahead of Apple as the iPhone only offers wallpapers and widgets tied to the operating system.

We are not familiar if the new Always-On display is available on all models of the Galaxy S24. However, we have observed that the feature is present on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The feature will be turned off by default but can be enabled from the Settings app. All you have to do is head over to Settings > Lock Screen AOD > AOD Settings > Toggle on “Show Lock Screen Wallpaper. Samsung has also equipped the settings with enhanced options like “erase background,” which will cut down the main subject if the device detects a person in the wallpaper.

We are unsure if the new AOD functionality will be available on the older models of the Galaxy S lineup. If Samsung plans to bring the feature down, it will potentially be rolled out with the company’s latest One UI 6.1 update. Apple could enhance the Lock Screen on the iPhone this year, and the company has planned major AI-centric features for iOS 18.

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