‘Saturday Night Live’ Slams ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Villain Tom Sandoval as a ‘Pure Narcissist’

Rexa Vella

‘Saturday Night Live’ Slams ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Villain Tom Sandoval as a ‘Pure Narcissist’

A politically-charged segment during the Feb. 24 episode of “Saturday Night Live” contained some brutal jokes about Tom Sandoval, the “Vanderpump Rules” cad who cheated on his longtime girlfriend with her best friend and fellow cast member, the fallout of which elevated his profile to pop culture supervillain.

The barbs came during a sketch taking aim at the controversial decision by the Alabama Supreme Court this week that now considers frozen embryos created during in vitro fertilization to be children.

SNL featured player Marcello Hernandez dropped by Weekend Update as a “frozen embryo from Alabama” in order to talk about his existence and how it differs from humans.

“I don’t got a brain, I don’t got a heart, I’m like Tom Sandoval,” the embryo quipped.

“So you watch ‘Vanderpump Rules?’” Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost asked incredulously.

“Of course not — I don’t even have eyes. But even without eyes I can see that Tom’s a pure narcissist,” the embryo responded, drawing applause from the crowd.

The “Saturday Night Live” jokes come at the end of a long week for Sandoval, who stuck his foot firmly in his mouth during a recent interview with The New York Times Magazine, during which he awkwardly compared the fallout from his cheating scandal to media coverage of O.J. Simpson and George Floyd.

He quickly issued a statement apologizing for his words, saying, “My intentions behind the comments I made in New York Times Magazine were to explain the level of national media attention my affair received. The comparison was inappropriate and ignorant. I’m incredibly sorry and embarrassed.”

Watch the Weekend Update segment below.


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